Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Portraits

Every year, we get family portraits done.  Usually we head to JC Penny or the like, because it is cheap and easy.  Mostly because it's cheap.  I have a hard time swallowing the idea of spending $300+ for family portraits.  However, I've also been dying to get some fun family fall photos taken at a nearby arboretum.  I have a friend from my moms group who dabbles with some photography and only charges a nominal "sitting fee".  I love the pictures she's taken for several of our friends, so I thought I'd ask and see if she'd be willing to take some for us.
One perfect, chilly, morning in October, we met at the arboretum.  I felt a little bad because she was 35 weeks pregnant at the time.  She has since delivered a beautiful boy, Lucas :).  It had been very rainy on the days leading up to this day, so I was worried, but the morning we picked was pretty clear and didn't rain till that afternoon. 
I LOVE the results!!!  Danielle did a fabulous job.  I can't wait to use her again!
This is my mom's favorite, but all I can see is my double chin...

This one and the one below, are my favorites.

And I absolutely adore this one!!!  It kind of brings a tear to my eye.  I love my sweet girl!

Also love this one.  And, this is his smiling face :).
These pictures were taken at the end and Miles was off on adventures, I think.  He had brought his backpack...he came prepared to hike...haha!  Isla's poor nose was red and running by this point, too. But she was a trooper and hung in there.

These were taken in a big tree.  The kids wanted to climb all over it.  This was at the beginning of our photo session.

Again, at the beginning of the session, before we got too cold.  Miles didn't want to take off his pack :).


This was at the tail end.  I was trying to get some pics of the whole family on the tree again.  Danielle followed him around while he was climbing and this is the face he gave her.  I love it!
I believe this was our very last attempt, which wasn't too bad.  I'm so grateful to Danielle for these pictures.  We might have to do this again in the Spring or Summer, maybe at Manito, for some other shots and mix up the photos on our walls :).