Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My baby has turned into a giant!

I mean look at these photos!  She is HUGE!

She looks like she has easily doubled in size (but the math says she hasn't, only about 1.63x her birth weight).  She clearly enjoys bath time a lot more these days, though still not quite like Miles does!

She especially loves her post bath snuggles!

And  a little post bath playtime :) 

4 Months!!!

My baby girl celebrated her 4month birthday yesterday.  I can't believe it!!!  It makes me a bit sad.  She is growing up too fast.  Then I look at Miles and think "Is my sweet girl really going to be like that some day???  Really???" wishing she could stay small forever!  Forget the "terrible twos", three is much worse.  Anyhow, this is a post about my sweet girl and what she has been up to this past month.

Well, she has been up to growing!  She had her 4month well child visit today (shots included...boo :( ) and weighed in at 13# 6oz (48th %) and 25inches (78th %).  She dropped about 15% in weight and 10% in height, but her pediatrician wasn't worried....whew!  At 4 months, Miles was a whopping 15# 12oz and 26.75inches long!

Miss Isla is still sleeping great (like 7-10hrs a night), which is fabulous, but we're bracing for the "4 month wakeful" period to begin any day (and crossing fingers that it never comes!).  I've heard they start dreaming around 4months and can have a hard time with this transition, causing more waking in the night and less napping during the day.

Her biggest milestone is reaching for and grabbing objects.  She will reach out and play with hanging toys, pull toys up to her mouth, and chew on things (though she still prefers to chew on her hands and fingers!).  Oh, and she laughs now.  A good, hardy, belly laugh every now and again, if you're lucky!

She has not yet mastered rolling front to back, which I was a little worried about since Miles started this at 3months.  Well, truth of the matter is, she doesn't get a whole ton of tummy-time due to fear of getting run over by a renegade shopping cart or firetruck on their way to a demergency.  So, she spends a lot of time being held, in her jumperoo, bouncy chair, or swing...ya know, up off the floor!  The past week we've been more diligent about getting in her tummy time.  She does fine for a while, then will get frustrated/bored and start rocking back and forth and getting half way over before she just gets mad.  The doctor wasn't worried.  He said it is mostly a judge for core strength and said she has plenty of that (unlike me!) so he's not concerned :).  Yay! 

Now for some pics of my sweet growing girl!

And for fun, a side-by-side of both my munchkins at 4 months old!

They definitely appear to be related!


Today I scored another diaper deal. I LOVE Rite Aid’s Huggies sales! Today I purchased all these:

For $31.18 and I still have $2 in Up+ rewards to spend on something. I actually spent more than $31.18 if you count the four small bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs, two coconut nests, and a couple Cadbury eggs…yes, I bought some Easter candy…oh and a chocolate bunny and some Goldfish for Miles…

Back to the diaper sale. The breakdown:

Total for just diapers, wipes, pull-ups, and a bottle of Johnson & Johnson shampoo:

31.18 plus tax

Total prior to sales, Up+ rewards (I made six, yes six, separate transactions and rolled my $2 in Up+ rewards from each transaction over to the next, leaving me with $2 in my wallet): 77.63 plus tax

That means I saved $46.45!

I had $13 in coupons, $14 in Up+ (2 unused), and $18 off from the sale.

A per diaper, per wipe breakdown:

0.19/ pull-ups (regularly 0.46)

0.15/pure and natural size 3 (0.46)

0.12/snugglers (0.33)

0.99 Johnson natural shampoo 10oz (5.49)

6.24 for 360 natural wipes (0.017/wipe regularly 0.03/wipe)

Man, I love me a great deal!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Finishing Christmas

It's about time I get around to the last of our Christmas.  Seeing as how it was 2 months ago! I'm a little behind.  Our third Christmas celebration was at my parents' house.  Miles, again, had a great time opening gifts.  Isla got a few sweet gifts herself. 

This adorable tutu was from Auntie Annie, along with the cute doll blankets for future use (hand made by Auntie Annie!).  So cute and girly!

This Hello Kittie doll came from Aunt Heidi and Uncle Tim.  Isla loves staring at it while doing tummy time!  She also got the start of a college fund from Grandma and Grandpa O, a cute First Christmas footprint ornament from Aunt Christine and Uncle Cameron, and a cute outfit from the Grandparents.

Miles walked in the door and was enamored by this: 
A firetruck!!!  From Cousin Peter (and Aunt Christine and Uncle Cameron).  He rode the firetruck in circles around the house in between his turns of opening gifts!  

Forgive me for the pics of the fire truck as Ben had the camera for them.

Miles got this wonderful (hand made) bean bag set from Auntie Annie.  Many hours will be spent tossing bean bags in the yard this summer!

He also got this wonderful "Handy Manny" tool belt from Grandma and Grandpa O (though it's a tad big!). Not pictured is a coin counter that Miles received from Aunt Heidi and Uncle Tim.  He loves putting his coins in it and watching the numbers go up.  Oh, and it was filled with chocolate coins!  His favorite!

Ben and I both got shoes from my parents...me a new pair of winter boots and Ben a new pair of Vans.
Overall, we had a great Christmas this year.  We were very blessed.  And that wraps up Christmas 2010!

Monday, February 7, 2011

3 Month Photo Shoot

We took the kids to JCPenney again, for Isla's 3 month photo shoot (though a tad late).  They turned out pretty cute!  Thought I'd share a link to the online album.