Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Part I b

Here are the other block of pictures that I wanted to share that blogger wouldn't let me upload as a collage. No idea why. Here they are all separate.

Like I said, Ben got a lot of vinyl. I think he got 9 total!

Miles was the master of passing out gifts. He would bring them to me (usually) and then I'd tell him who to bring them to. Sometimes they were still intact when they reached the recipient, sometimes they were half opened! No one minded, though :)

Miles got a recycle truck from his Uncle Tyler. It was a hit! You can see Uncle Danny in the background on this one. He had ankle surgery the week before, hence the crutches and cast.

The place cleaned up pretty well. Those are only two of the four bags we brought home (plus the sled)! It was a very blessed Christmas. Stay tuned for Part II another day...I still have to edit those photos!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Part I

Wow! What a Christmas it was! Miles had a great time with Christmas this year. He certainly "gets" the whole presents thing, though had a hard time with the idea that they weren't all for him :)

We started Christmas Eve by running some errands and picking up a few last minute Christmas gifts. Then we headed home to put Miles down for a nap (good thing!). After his nap, we packed up and headed up north for a delightful Christmas Eve service at church. I'm glad we chose to go to the family centered service! I think Miles missed the whole thing and each of my parents missed half of it (they took turns walking Miles in hall, playing in the chior loft, etc).

After the short but sweet service, we headed up to my in-laws for dinner and other Christmas Eve festivities. Both of Ben's brothers were home. Miles had a great time and didn't want to go to bed, even though he was sporting some new pajamas!

He would lay down, close his eyes, then pop them back open and say "morning!". He knew there would be more presents to open in the morning. I finally got him to lay down by putting a pillow in his pack 'n play. He wasn't that happy about being in a "crib". The pillow fixed that! With bottle, a pillow, some goldfish and a couple of stories, he was out for the night (at about 10pm!).

He got up at 7am, which is pretty normal for being away from home (at home he gets up between 8 and 9). He went out to the living room and actually stayed away from the gifts for a while. He went and woke his grandparents up, then headed downstairs to get his uncles up. We let "Burndie" (aka Bernie, our dog), outside and fed him, then headed back up for the Christmas Extravaganza!

There was one more set of pictures I wanted to post, but they're not posting. Blogger is being stupid.
Our first Christmas was wonderful. Ben got a bunch of records. I got a sweater, some odds and ends, gift card for dinner, and some cash (haven't yet decided exactly what to spend it on!). Miles got a wonderful new sled (though we don't have any snow yet). We hope to be using that soon! He loves it even without the snow :). He also got some clothes, cars, and a Mickey doll.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa M, Uncle Tyler and Uncle Danny!

One year ago, today...

A new member of my family was born.

About 1:00 in the afternoon, I was driving to Walmart to get some Rubbermaid bins for storing our Christmas decorations. While driving, I received a call from my Dad who told me that my sister-in-law, who was 29 5/7weeks pregnant, had some bleeding and contractions and was at the hospital. I just about had a heart attack! He was calling, more specifically, to confirm the group of neonatologists they should use, should her baby be born. I frantically told him which doctors to use and to call me when they heard anything (she was getting an ultrasound at the time).

About an hour later, standing in line at Walmart, I called my dad back to see if there was any news. He told me that my sister-in-law was 8cm dilated (out of 10), and on her way to Sacred Heart in an ambulance. I said "So, she's having the baby today! 8cm??? Oh, no! It's too early!" I wanted to burst into tears right there. My dad tried to calm me down and tell me that they might be able to stop her labor, but anyone who knows anything about those kinds of things knows that you can't stop labor at 8cm!

As a NICU nurse, in the back of my mind, I was swimming in a world of too much knowledge. What if the baby was a boy (boys are wimpier...sorry!)? What if she is sick? What if she needs to be on the ventilator? What if she has feeding problems? What if she gets NEC (necrotizing entercolitis)? What if she gets NEC and ends up losing some bowel and has short gut? What if she gets NEC and dies? What if she gets septic and dies? What if she has brain bleeds and then developmental delays? Though 29 weekers usually fare pretty well, they don't always make it. I was trying to hard not to panic.

We went home, put Miles down for a short nap, then went to go see my brother and his wife at the hospital. I stopped on the way and picked up a little lion stuffed animal to put in the baby's bed when it arrived. We wandered the hospital a bit, visited with my brother, showed my support, and tried to hide my fear. I felt like I was the only one who was scared at all!

Just after 7pm that night, my beautiful niece, Ethne Rose, came into this world kicking and screaming. She spent about 7 weeks in the NICU (great for her age!). Though it was very stressful for me, she had an amazing NICU course (aka did really well). It has been such a joy seeing her grow and develop this past year; it has gone so fast!!! She is one amazing, beautiful, strong, gentle and sweet, yet feisty, adorable girl. She is, by far, the best 1 year-old baby girl in the whole world and I couldn't be more proud of her!

Ethne Rose, 3# 5oz, shortly after birth.

Ethne going home:

Ethne 5months:

Ethne 9 months:

Ethne 11.5 months:

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Cooking

Yesterday, Miles and I headed up north for some baking with Grandma and Auntie Annie (or Ennie Ennie as Miles says it!).

Miles was pretty excited! He was looking forward to "making circles" in the dough (ie. stirring).

However, he didn't like the electric mixer...

He loved helping add ingredients, and was often found saying "eat that" to everything he helped add.

He added and mixed.

And tasted tested a few times...

He also helped Grandma roll the dough of the Russian Tea Cakes into balls.
Afterward, he enjoyed clean-up.

Or at least he enjoyed playing with the bubbles!

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the cookies! We made Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, and Fantasy Fudge.

Now, I think I'm all caught-up on my blogging! Check below for posts up-dating Halloween through now.

Christmas in Pictures


Just about every morning, Miles asks to wear his monkey costume from Halloween. We certainly got our $10 worth with that purchase! The other morning, I changed him and put on his monkey per his request. While I was getting dressed, he helped himself to some breakfast.

A 5lbs block of Tillamook cheddar cheese and some apple juice. My silly little monkey!

These Boots...

Were made for walking???

I think not!

Not for him, anyway!

November in Review

Wow! Apparently I took a little break from the blogging world (not reading, just the writing part!). I need to do some serious catch-up.

So, here is a start.

After Halloween, Miles and I took a trip to Mobius, our local kids "science museum". I think I've blogged about it before. Here are some pictures from our time there.

The boat table is Miles' favorite.

He also enjoys...





Drumming...and dressing up!

On November 12, we celebrated Ben's 26th Birthday. Miles wanted to open all Ben's gifts!

His main gift was a turn table. He has begun collecting vinyl!

Then, we hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Please forgive me, none of these photos are edited (same for some of the above photos)!

Both my parents, as well as Ben's parents and brother came to our house for a feast. It was a great success (I think!). Way less stressful for me than going to both houses for a meal, then to work that night. Maybe we'll make this a tradition?
We've also been up to some fun things in December. Stay tuned!