Sunday, March 24, 2013

Christmas Cookies

I took a loooooong hiatus from blogging.  Apparently I needed a break!  I've had all these pictures from December waiting to be edited and blogged and I'm starting to feel the Spring Cleaning bug.  This is one of those items I need marked off my list of things hanging over my head!  So....flashback to December if you will.
Monday after the Gingerbread Build-off, we went over to Maggie and Nathan's house to decorate sugar cookies.  Unfortunately, Miles was sooo excited to be playing with Nathan's toys, he didn't want to decorate cookies :^/.  Isla, on the other hand, was thrilled to.

Maggie graciously made cookies and frosting, and got sprinkles for them.

We rolled and cut the dough, though apparently I didn't get pictures of that.

This was serious business for Miss Isla.

And she was proud of her work!

We set them out on the patio steps to set some before stacking them on a plate.  We had fun and felt festive making and decorating cookies.  Christmastime is just not complete without some baking!
Next up, a carriage ride through downtown with Auntie Annie!