Monday, November 21, 2011

These boots were made for walking!

I wrote a post about Miles and boots a while ago...remember?

Anyhow, this post is alternately titled, 12 months!, since I'm going to throw in a few developmental stats, etc.  Even though she is officially 13months today...

To start, Isla obviously had a birthday.  It was followed by a 12month well child visit.  She weighed in at 19# 6oz and was  28.75inches long.  She actually went UP in the weight %tile by 3, to a whopping 27%th!  Her height dropped to 40th-ish.  Miles at this age was 21# 8oz and was 31.25inches.  Long!!!

Miles also had a visit that day.  He measured up just fine with a weight of 37lbs (also up on the percentile) and a height of 41.75inches (80th%).  He is doing quite well developmentally.  We skipped the shots for my sake.  Isla didn't escape them and actually has two more in a couple weeks...

Isla consistently says "mama" and sometimes "dada".  She also "says" all done (she signs it, though incorrectly...we know what she means :)).  She is finally starting to walk as well!  The past few days she is more consistently taking 6or so steps in a row and will get up and try again over and over.  She's getting there! 

Speaking of walking...back to the boots :).  She now has some boots that are for walking, unlike Miles'.  I had originally ordered some boots from, custom made, and was really really excited about them.  I got them in the mail on Saturday and was sorely disappointed.  They were too big (wide and long) and despite altering them myself, I couldn't get them to fit without just falling right off.  Also, the craftsmanship wasn't what I had hoped.  I dropped about $30 on them, so I wasn't really up for buying another pair, especially since I couldn't find exactly what I wanted in stores.  So, I decided to use the boots I had bought, as well as her Robeez and make a pattern for a new custom pair, handmade by me!  I spent about $10 in fabric, buttons, and elastic and I can make multiple pair to match multiple outfits should I desire. 

So, drumroll please...  Here they are!

They turned out pretty darn well, if you ask me.  They stay on her feet and should be warm.  The soles, inside, are also lined with the sherpa.

I designed the insides to be like her Robeez style shoes.  They have elastic around the ankle, so she can't get them off.   They were kind of a pain to put together, and I went through two needles on my sewing machine, but I think I've got it figured out now.  The first boot, putting it together, took forever, the second one moved right along.

Now here is Miss Isla modeling her new boots!

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

As I said in the post prior, we decided to stay up at my in-laws on the night of Ben's birthday.  Here is the reason:
It snowed!  They live about 45min away and down then up big big hills.  Normally it's not all that much of a problem (especially now with my new Subaru!), but it had rained, slushed, then snowed.  This creates a nice sheet (or thick layer) of ice under the snow.  Not ideal for driving long distances or driving in the country where deer are prevalent.  It would have taken forever to get home and would not have been the safest option.  So we stayed the night.

Miles was thrilled beyond belief.  The kid loves snow.  Apparently, so does Isla.  She likes to eat it.  Must be an instinctual thing :).

The next morning, we got to enjoy the snow for a bit.  It is insanely windy at their house, so the sledding didn't last long.  Notice I'm taking pics from inside the house!

This was the first snow of the year.  We've had some snow showers since and had a few inches total.  Now it is 38 and sunnyish with rain in the forecast for the next few days...blah!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Birthday!

September, October and November are filled with birthdays for us.  Miles and Aunt Christine in September, Isla and Uncle Danny in October, and Ben and Grandma M in November.  Really, between Ben's and my family, we can cover every month except April (sorry if I'm forgetting someone!).  I'm guessing at some point in the future we'll cover every month. 

As far as November goes, Saturday was Ben's 28th birthday!  Getting closer to 30 every day [:/].  We celebrated by going out to dinner at China Dragon, Ben's choice, and doing gifts and cake after up at Grandma and Grandpa M's.  We ended up staying the night because, well, a reason I'll share in the next post [:)].

For some  pictures marking the day.  I didn't get any good present opening pictures as he had opened most of them from his  parents prior to meeting for dinner and he let Miles open the one from me (because he already knew what it was as someone can't keep a secret!).

On our way to dinner, I picked up his cake.  I thought he'd like the dino!
I got some  frosting and wrote the Ben and 28.

Here's what 28 candles looks like: 

He got them all on  his first try, much to Miles' dismay. 
He is wearing most of his gifts from his parents.  Seahawks sweatshirt, beanie, and some new shoes. He also got a couple other hats, a new nutcracker (also Seahawks), and a new Batman video game from me.

He wanted to eat the dino face. 

Miss Isla really wanted some cake! 

And was quite happy once she got some!

Today is Grandma Sara's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Grandma Sara!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Miles loves Halloween.  Most specifically, he loves trick-or-treating...aka, free candy!  He also loves dressing up any day of the week (and pretty much every day!).

I had purchased Halloween costumes for the kids back in September from Costco.  Miles said he wanted the fireman costume, and it was great quality, so I bought that.  I also got a cute little ladybug for Miss Isla.  I knew whether Miles changed his mind prior to Halloween or not, I'd still get my $$ worth, seeing as how he wore it many times prior to the date.

As Halloween approached, Miles started to change his mind a bit, but kept coming back to the fireman...until the day before.  We went shopping at Old Navy and found  part of Batman dog costume (just the hat and the cape) and they gave it to us for free (the main Batman part was missing).  Miles decided he wanted to be a bat.  Not Batman, but just an all black bat.  With wings and a hat.  Luckily, I had seen this tutorial on a blog I frequent and thought it looked easy enough that I could make it Halloween afternoon.  And so I did.  Miles loved it!

It took me a bit longer than I had expected  (but what doesn't!?!?) but I finished just in time to leave for downtown.

First, we stopped at the 'bucks for some "candy" for Ben and me :).  Then we went around River Park Square for the Trick-or-Treating.

Miles was very excited!  I think he's "flying" in this picture.

And showing me his wings here!

Isla, after a short nap, enjoyed her trick-or-treating as well.  She got a bit of candy, mostly that I picked out :).

After the mall, we went up to Grandma and Grandpa M's house to ring their door bell and get some candy :).  Isla is getting close to walking and will take a few steps at a time, but mostly is stubborn and wants to hold onto your hands! 
She made such a cute little bug! 

Then we headed down to Grandma and  Grandpa O's house to do some outside trick-or-treating.  We hit up about 6 houses and had a great time.  Miles was adorable and wanted to go inside every house and pet the dogs.  Well, except for the house with the yappy dogs in which he ran from the house, covering his ears, yelling "ouch, owie, ouch, ouch, ouchie! They are hurting my ears, my ears!".  It was hysterical (mostly because they are the neighbors my parents have complained to about their dogs many many times in the past). 
Isla came to the first house, then went back to Grandma's so she didn't freeze!

Then we let her have a sucker.  She didn't want to take it out of her mouth and she loved it! 

And made a big sticky mess...

Halloween was a big success for all parties involved this year!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Presants and the rest of the Party

After lunch and cake, it was time for presents.  Even though we always try to pare things down a bit, somehow there is always a mound of gifts!  We told Miles he could help Isla open them this year, which worked well :).

Ben and I got her this stroller and some things to go with it.  She was immediately entranced. 

She  got some new shoes from Grandma and Grandpa O, some pink Robeez with flowers. 
She seems to have an affinity for pink, which makes her mama happy :)!

She also has an affinity for babies...also much to my pleasure!  She loves her little baby that we got to go with her stroller. 
She always knows where her baby is, will go get it if you ask her where the baby is, and always gives her hugs and cute!

She also got this wonderful activity block from Grandma and Grandpa M.  Both Isla and Miles have enjoyed it. 

Here's a  few shots of her playing with her baby and stroller. 

She also likes to climb on, and sit in, her stroller.  Silly girl!

She got an adorable pink car from Aunt Christine, Uncle Cameron and Cousins Peter and Moira.  Thanks!  Isla loves pushing it around the house.

And she got a bunch of new bath toys and toy basket to replace a bunch of bath toys we've decided to toss.  These were from Grandma and Grandpa O.

After all the fun, she was up for some snuggles! 

It was a great party.  We all had a good time.  I cannot believe our sweet girl is now over a year old!  She is such a sweet and precious girl who never holds back on the smiles and snuggles.  Here's to another great year for Miss Isla!