Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wagon Park with Grandma

Monday afternoon, Miles and I enjoyed going downtown to the "wagon park" (as Miles calls it) with Grandma. Miles had a blast!

After the wagon (well before and after!), Grandma sprung for a few rides of the Carousel. He loved riding the horses and could have done it all day. He also sat on a giraffe momentarily until I got him to understand that the giraffe didn't "dance" like the horses do. He's been on this carousel a few times before, but always rode with me. This time, he wanted me to stand and gently hold onto him. He's growing up!

We also stopped by the garbage goat downtown. Miles thought it was fascinating, but a little unsure of its safety. He sat on it before we pushed the button and made it eat some trash. He enjoyed it more before he knew the sound it made...

We had a great afternoon, and I'm sure we'll be heading back to the "Wagon park" and "Merry-go-round" again soon!

18 weeks

Sorry for the shadow! I cut my head off because this was taken late at night and I was very tired...

How Far Along: 18 weeks (and 2 days now!)

Weight Gain: +10lbs (is it possible to gain 3lbs in one week...or was it the mushroom burger I had the night before???)

Maternity Clothes: Across the board

Sleep: I never feel like I get enough! I wake-up, or am woken up, several times during the day and night when I'm sleeping. We're hoping to remedy that soon.

Symptoms: The heartburn has gotten better this past week. Who knows why, but I'll take it. I've still been pretty gaggy and actually threw-up yesterday after brushing my teeth (for the first time since 14 or 15 weeks). :::sigh:::

Cravings: I guess I'd still put Cheeseburgers officially at the top of the list. Beef in general. I really need to cut back if I want to slow down that weight gain...

Gender: T-6 days and counting!!! Can't wait to post pictures next week and reveal the gender (and possibly a name as well!!!)

Baby: Baby is now about 7oz and about 5.5inches from crown to rump. It is now flexing its arms and legs...and I can feel it!

Movement: This babe is moving all over the place. I love feeling it. I even felt a little kick on my hand the other night! They're still not regular enough for Ben to feel it yet, but soon! It seems to most like to move around during or after I eat. This babe likes its food!

Things I'm Looking Forward to in the coming week: Anatomy scan ultrasound! Can't believe it is here already. I'll be busy between now and then, so that will make it come even faster. I am anxious to hear that all is well with this babe and see if it will reveal its gender to us!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Big PT

Warning...there is a lot of talk of toilet use during this post!

Potty Training...

The one thing I've been dreading for the last, oh, three years. Yup, I've been dreading it since before Miles was even born! I always wondered how do you train a little person to use the potty?!?! What a pain! Dealing with underwear, finding public toilets, accidents, extra clothes, etc.

Because I've been so thoroughly dreading it for years, I decided to wait until Miles was completely ready to embark on this adventure, especially as boys are typically a little harder to train and train later. Well, we've finally jumped on the potty!

He's been showing signs of readiness for a while now (interested in the potty, dry diapers during the day, etc). However, he had never actually gone in the potty before. Once day about four weeks ago while cleaning up (he wasn't wearing anything from the waist down), he started to pee on the floor. I caught him, and he caught himself, stopped, and I ran him to the bathroom and sat him on the toilet. He peed. The look on his face was priceless. One of surprise, wonder, and excitement.

Well, after that, he would run around in the mornings with no pants on and use the potty regularly on his own. I, on the other hand, was not quite as ready for the whole potty training thing. I dragged my feet for a couple weeks while I watched our diaper supply dwindle to about a dozen. We finally took a trip to good ol' Wally World and found some "underwears" with Thomas, Elmo, and Cars on them.

I still drug my feet for another week, which brings us to a week ago. Last Sunday and Monday, we were home all day. He used the potty every time, except while sleeping....that is a whole 'nother story. Tuesday, I had to run to the store. I asked him if he wanted to wear a diaper or big boy pants, to which he replied "I wear underwears, Mommy!". So, underwears he wore. We were gone for two and a half hours and he didn't have a single accident!

Since then, he's had tow accidents and one Mommy-fail moment. The first accident was while he was playing in the yard. I had asked repeatedly if he needed to go and he kept saying he didn't, but I guess that just meant that he didn't want to go inside! Yesterday he had his second accident at home on the way to the bathroom...guess he waited just a little too long. Mommy-fail moment, I had him use the toilet while out and about yesterday. He sits, which apparently can be a problem. He finally started going and I noticed that I didn't hear anything in the toilet. That is when I realized that it was coming out between the seat and the toilet and all over the back of his pants...

So, I guess I'll say it. I think Miles might be potty trained!!! Yay! It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought.

As I said, night and nap time are another is going #2...

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Pregnancy: 17 weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks

Weight Gain: +7lbs (right on track)

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much everything I'm wearing now a days is maternity clothing. I can still get away with a few tanks and t-s from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. I still have a wee bit of shopping I need to get done, however.

Sleep: I never feel like I get enough! I wake-up, or am woken up, several times during the day and night when I'm sleeping, plus I'm having to start adding the pillows to the bed. See symptoms below...

Symptoms: The heartburn has set in...ugh! It is worse at night (naturally) when I'm sleeping and working. I go through several Tums a day...gotta get my calcium in somehow, right?

Cravings: I guess I should put Cheeseburgers officially at the top of the list. I have had, oh, about 8 in the past week, and I'm not lying...

Gender: Still don't know for two more weeks. Looking forward to finding out if this is a boy or girl wiggling around in there! My doc seems to think it is a girl because they weren't able to guess at my 12wk ultrasound. She said if it were a boy, they can usually take a pretty good guess. We'll see! This pregnancy is very different from mine with Miles, so I go back and forth on what it is.

Baby: Baby is now about 5oz and about 5inches from crown to rump. Apparently the skeleton is starting to harden into bone some. Though I know it doesn't turn to full bone for a long time yet. When parents are afraid of their babies at my work (often 3lb preemies) and remark how easily we turn them over, pick them up, etc, I always tell them that their babe is kind of still made of rubber and is really hard to break or hurt them!

Movement: This baby is a movin' and a groovin'! I have felt movement several times a day during rest and activity for the past several days. It was really going this morning for quite awhile. I can't wait until the little kicks can be felt from the outside and Ben can feel them too.

Things I'm Looking Forward to in the coming week: Maybe the fatigue will end??? Soon??? I hope. Also looking forward to being one week closer to my anatomy scan ultrasound!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

8 years ago today...

This post was inspired by my friend Kim at Her post reminded me that my husband and I officially began dating 8 years ago today!

Eight years ago today, Ben and I went to our Senior prom together.

Weren't we cute?

2.5 years later, we were engaged. 1.5 years after that, we were married.


We moved into a rental house from our apartment and bought REAL FURNITURE!

January of 2007, we found out we were expecting a visit from the stork sometime in September of 2007.

On September 17, 2007, our sweet Miles arrived!

That next spring, we bought a house (May 2008).
And spent quite a bit of time making it our own.
Now, we are expecting a visit from the stork this Halloween.
So, here we are, 8 years and a lot of life changing events and ups-and-downs later. Has it really been that long?!?!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Photo Shoot

I've been meaning to take Miles for a spring photo shoot somewhere around town. The weather hasn't been great, and I was waiting for a nice sunny day. Well, today it was sunny and near 70 degrees! We headed out for a little photo shoot at a local Japanese Garden.

Ben was willing to come along, which was a great help. That way, I could put Miles somewhere and walk away. ie. climbing on this bridge

Or out on this rock by the water.

Miles was a great sport, and I thought we got some great shots!
Not sure why he is glowing angelically here...I think his white shirt was a little reflective of the bright sunshine!

If you look close, you can see Ben crouching behind Miles. I wish he had just stepped out of the way for a moment, but oh, well.

Miles loved the waterfall, as he always does.

I think his foot got wet in this picture, and he wasn't a fan. And yes, he is wearing socks with his sandals.

At first he was afraid to sit up on this ledge, and I was able to get him to laugh somehow.

And one last shot of me out on the water with my belly (or baby!)
I'm really having fun with Photoshop too. I'm so glad to have it. When I place the photos side by side before and after, the difference is undeniable!

16 weeks

How far along: 16 weeks (4 months!)

Weight gain: Didn't get on the scale this morning, but might tomorrow. I'm currently sitting here eating the free Cinnabon I got from Cinnabon for nurses week. Miraculously though, my rings still fit (they quit fitting around 13 weeks with Miles!).

Maternity Clothes: Definitely wearing the maternity clothes now. I still need a few more items to complete my wardrobe, especially now that the sun is shining!

Sleep: Having more and more trouble sleeping and getting a stiff back while sleeping :(

Symptoms: Still exhausted. I thought that would end soon?!?! I guess not with my poor sleeping and a 2 year old.

Cravings: Nothing super specific, but still liking beef the most.

Gender: We should find out three weeks from tomorrow!

Baby: The baby is about the size of an avocado. It should be around 4.5 inches crown to rump and about 3.5oz.

Movement: I'm definitely feeling this baby move! It is pretty sporadic still, but I feel it at some point every day. I love it and can't wait to feel more!

Things I'm looking forward to this week: Maybe get my energy back? I'm starting to think it won't come back. I have my 17wk appt next Monday morning and may be bringing Miles with that should be fun!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Little Princess

I mean Prince...

He is loving playing dress up right now and liked being a princess at Mommy and Me the other day. He obviously doesn't understand what that means!

His Daddy is so proud!

The best part was, Ben accused me of painting Miles' toes! He did a pretty good job, don't you think? He loves that his toes are pink, like mine. I accidentally left the polish out the other day after I used it. He managed to do both feet and not get any on the carpet!

Easter 2010

A month ago, for Easter, we headed over the mountains to meet with my whole family for my niece, Moira's, baptism. We left on a Saturday, stayed in Kirkland overnight, headed up to Bellingham on Sunday morning for the service, played around and came home Monday afternoon/evening. It was a quick, but fun and family filled trip!

Miles did great in the car both on the way over and back. I let my husband drive all the way to North Bend, even through the snow storm in the pass!

There was a large system that passed through the day before, leaving the grown snow covered. It was snowing while we drove, but the roads were wet. This was on April 3rd, I believe.

I took many pictures of the snow and still need to post them on facebook in honor of a friend's husband. The week prior (Saturday March 27th) a coworker and friend lost her 29 year old husband of 5 years to an avalanche while snowmobiling. She is expecting their first baby this August after struggling for four years to conceive.

The memorial service was being held while we were driving through the snowy pass. You see, her husband loved the snow, winter, winter sports, etc. She was thrilled that this spring storm passed through during the celebration of his life.

Apparently I was being a horrible photographer and barely took any pictures the entire weekend. During the Easter service on Sunday, I let Miles play with my camera to entertain himself. Here are a few of the pictures he took.

When I did get a hold of the camera, I was able to snap a few shots of the baptism (and Peter trying to escape, which Miles thought was fabulous and wouldn't stop laughing at him!).

It was a great service and the baptism was right at the beginning, which was great for the toddlers. They escaped to the toddler room, where I ended up spending the remainder of the service with Miles.

These two pictures are actually prior to the service of my sweet niece.

After the service, we headed out to brunch with the whole fam and my sister's in-laws and friends. After brunch (which went fairly well considering it was nap time and all!) we headed outside to try to snap a picture of all the cousins. I'm not sure anyone got one of all four faced looking the same direction.
Ethne (15 months), Peter (brother to Moira, and 27months), Moira (7.5 months), and Miles (2.5 years)

In this one, I told Miles to give Moira a kiss, hoping (and expecting) a sweet peck on the top of her head. I thought it would make for a cute picture. Instead, he grabbed her head, turned it, and laid a big smackaroo right on her lips. Poor girl didn't see it coming! Cousin Ethne is watching in wonderment.

We went back to the hotel after brunch an this was the view from our room. Not pictured is the train tracks that Miles loved.

We stayed the night and hung out with Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and Cousins. Monday morning was also spent hanging out with family, a trip to the park, then lunch with Uncle Tyler (Ben's brother), then headed home.
Overall the trip was a success, but exhausting. Miles does not sleep well in hotel rooms, but does wonderfully in the car!

15 weeks

I've been pregnant for 15 weeks now (well 15 wks and 1 day).

This is what I look like so far:

How far along: 15wks

Weight gain/loss: +5lbs

Maternity clothes: Just busted out the full box and did a little shopping. Still wearing some non maternity shirts.

Sleep: Just the past few nights, I've been less comfortable and tossing and turning. Looking into getting a Snoogle this time around!

Symptoms: Still having random bouts of nausea and gagging. Otherwise just exhausted still!

Cravings: Burgers and pickles

Gender: Don't know for sure yet. Some days I feel it's a girl, some days I feel it is another boy.

Baby size: About the size of a small apple or a baseball

Movement: I think I just started feeling some flips and taps the past few days! Can't wait for them to get stronger and more frequent!

Things I'm looking forward to this week: Hopefully starting to have some more energy and feeling increased movement.

Monday, May 3, 2010

MIA Again!

I feel like such a loser! I've been MIA again.

Here are my excuses this time.

1. My hard drive died. We had to perform a little resuscitation to revive it enough to transfer all pictures, etc, to my (new and had never been used, sitting on my kitchen counter for four weeks prior to the death) external hard drive. My father, the amazing doctor that he is, was able to perform resuscitation with little effort, recover my beloved pictures (and my husband's 70GB of music) and place them safely on the new external hard drive. A new hard drive was then purchased (larger and better) for my 2 year old laptop, installed, along with Windows 7 (to replace the wonderful Windows Vista). I have just recently (within the last week) installed Photoshop, transferred all my pictures, music, etc, to the new hard drive. We are up and running, folks!


I have a baby in my belly! And it has been sucking the life out of me (or maybe the toddler is doing the life sucking!) and I've been exhausted! I hate first trimester. Even though I'm firmly into the second trimester, the first tri exhaustion is unwantedly hanging around...

The new edition is expected to arrive sometime before/around Halloween! (officially due 10.25.2010)

So, there you have it. My excuses! I hope to be a little more active in posting in the near future. Thanks for being patient!