Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Long story short, this baby in the picture above, born on 9.17.2007, weighing in at a hefty 8# 6oz and 21.5 inches long became this little boy in the picture below. This was him on Monday at 19 months and weighing in at approximately 25# and somewhere around 35inches....tall, skinny boy. Somewhere over the past few months, all of his baby has disappeared and I am left with this amazing little boy:

Funny thing is, he looks happy in this picture, though moments before, he looked like this:

(sporting his new Mariner's t-shirt--Ichiro--for Grandpa O)
He's been teething (I think) since Friday. Those K9s are going to kill us both, I'm pretty sure. He has been a total crab-apple since Friday morning, having complete meltdowns whenever he doesn't get his way, which is completely unlike him.

We were at dinner at Maggie's, and he was whining so I whipped out my new camera (obvious action, right?). I thought maybe it would interest him and maybe even make him smile. So, I start snapping away, when he suddenly starts to smile. I think yay! It worked! He's happy, and now I've got some cute pics :) Only to discover not a moment later that he wasn't smiling, but turning on the charm. Yup, he's a flirt! He was hammin' it up for the two ladies in the booth next over. Smiling, laughing, waving, etc. I can tell he's going to be trouble in about 12 years! I mean, look at those EYES!

Aside from being a flirt and a total crab-apple as of late, he does do some pretty cute things around the home, too. His favorite game right now is patty cake, which sounds dull, but is actually pretty cute. You should see the way he "rolls-it, baby, rolls-it rolls-it, baby!" and also the way he "throoooowwwwwsssss it in the oven". Maybe he'll be a baker some day :) though I'm not even sure what a patty cake is...

We've also been working on some sign language, and he is really starting to catch on. He says "please" when asked to (we're trying to eliminate whining and aimlessly pointing for things). He rubs his whole belly with both hands (instead of rubbing upper chest with one), but we know what he means. He also says "more", "milk", and "all done". All of these are very handy words when you are 19 months old! We need to learn "sorry" and "eat" and we just might be good for a while.

On top of his signing, he is starting to say more words. His first, and favorite word, is DOG. He also says door (with a knocking hand gesture) and more, as he signs it. Yesterday he saw a picture of a baby on my computer and he pointed and said "bay-bay!". I was quite impressed. Despite the development of his language, his main mode of communication is whining and pointing.

We've also been working on our animal sounds. He says "mooo" for a cow, whining noises for both dog and elephant (pretty sure he thinks dogs whine, because that is the noise our puppy makes!). He says "wha-wha" which means quack-quack and "ock-ock" which means "bock-bock". His favorite is his dino/lion noise, which is a low pitched growling sound. He is pretty entertaining...at least I think so.

Well, this became quite the post! Just a little catch-up on the life of Miles :) I may try to get a little video of him "rolling-it" because it is so darn cute! and try to figure out how to post it for y'all.

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