Sunday, June 19, 2011

Easter Sunday In Pictures

(None of these are edited as well...sorry!) 

Long story short, we went to Easter Sunday church, went back to my parents for a brunch and some play time.  The kids had a great time again and again there were some tears shed.  The boys somehow talked Aunt Christine in dragging them around the yard in my parents huge wagon.  Then it was time to say good bye.  Miles was sad to see everyone leave, but also glad have his grandparents back t o himself :)

At Church.

In her Easter best.  A green gingham smocked  dress, cream ruffle cardigan, and her adorable knit hat with flowers.  She allso had cream ruffles on her butt (same as from Christmas) and cute pink mary janes :).

She hung out in a romper after church!
(not sure why this flipped upside down instead of  right side up!)

P and M loved loving on t he baby :)

Aunt Christine suckered into "train rides".

I  believe this is Grandma and Miles inspecting the "pastas" that those darn deer ate again!

Ready to go!

Cousin hugs...makes me a little sad as now they are in So Cali for the next few years.  Not sure when they'll be together again.

Miles trying to give M a hug...she's not too sure about it :)

Miles giving a reluctant good-bye to Auntie Annie.  She's just so much fun!

Miles taking control of the house again now that the cousins are gone :)

Man!  That was a lot of fun!

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