Monday, April 23, 2012

Home Improvements

With the nice spring weather, comes some yard work.  Last year, we (my Dad) did a lot of work on our sprinkler system to get it up and running post dog.  This weekend, Ben's parents gave us a new lawn mower since the dog did a number on our old one as well!  Goo news!  The mower works great!  So do the sprinklers, but we haven't had to turn them on yet due to all our rain, which is nice. 

We've done quite a bit of clean up in both the front and back.  The kids can now play in the yard.  We have quite a bit of work to do in our garden area in the back (boxed in area on the right side of this pic).  We hope to actually grow vegetables this year!

I've also one some work in the front.  It looks so nice and clean now, if I do say so myself.  After a lot of raking and some mowing, it's coming along.  We need to do some grass seeding some day...

In each of the flower beds, I put some planters with geraniums.  I added bark to clean it up a bit and I love how it turned out!

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