Sunday, January 20, 2013

O Christmas Tree

This year, we thought about hiking out to cut down a tree, but decided to pass.  Perhaps next year.  We went back to Stanek's (where we went last year), but purposely missed Santa this year.  Our painfully shy two-year-old would have been beyond terrified!
Also, Stanek's is closing (probably already closed now) after 99 years.  They were going to sell, but it turns out that their parking lot is city land that they've been "borrowing" from the city for 99 years.  Well, the city didn't want to sell the land or rent it to the new owners, so they are closing.  Pretty irritating! 
Anyhow, we set off for the perfect tree and to look at all the pretty Christmas decor.

With a little hunting, we found the perfect tree.  I think this all happened around Dec 9, 2012.

This is Isla showing off her new butterfly ornament.

And Miles with his lantern ornament.  It really lights up!  Miles picked it to be like a cowboy.

Nothing puts me in the Christmas Spirit quite like a tree tied to the roof of my car!

Isla picked out this beautiful butterfly for her ornament this year.

We made hot cocoa and decorated the tree before I went to work.  Isla loved walking around with her "ot coco".


Miles' lantern all lit up!

The end result.

I thought I'd throw a couple decor pics in.  This is Ben's newest nutcracker he got for his birthday.  It's a fisherman nutcracker!

And our mantel this year.  I did make new stockings for Ben and myself.  I think there are some pictures with the new stockings on Christmas day that I'll post later :).

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