Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today I scored another diaper deal. I LOVE Rite Aid’s Huggies sales! Today I purchased all these:

For $31.18 and I still have $2 in Up+ rewards to spend on something. I actually spent more than $31.18 if you count the four small bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs, two coconut nests, and a couple Cadbury eggs…yes, I bought some Easter candy…oh and a chocolate bunny and some Goldfish for Miles…

Back to the diaper sale. The breakdown:

Total for just diapers, wipes, pull-ups, and a bottle of Johnson & Johnson shampoo:

31.18 plus tax

Total prior to sales, Up+ rewards (I made six, yes six, separate transactions and rolled my $2 in Up+ rewards from each transaction over to the next, leaving me with $2 in my wallet): 77.63 plus tax

That means I saved $46.45!

I had $13 in coupons, $14 in Up+ (2 unused), and $18 off from the sale.

A per diaper, per wipe breakdown:

0.19/ pull-ups (regularly 0.46)

0.15/pure and natural size 3 (0.46)

0.12/snugglers (0.33)

0.99 Johnson natural shampoo 10oz (5.49)

6.24 for 360 natural wipes (0.017/wipe regularly 0.03/wipe)

Man, I love me a great deal!

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