Monday, February 21, 2011

Finishing Christmas

It's about time I get around to the last of our Christmas.  Seeing as how it was 2 months ago! I'm a little behind.  Our third Christmas celebration was at my parents' house.  Miles, again, had a great time opening gifts.  Isla got a few sweet gifts herself. 

This adorable tutu was from Auntie Annie, along with the cute doll blankets for future use (hand made by Auntie Annie!).  So cute and girly!

This Hello Kittie doll came from Aunt Heidi and Uncle Tim.  Isla loves staring at it while doing tummy time!  She also got the start of a college fund from Grandma and Grandpa O, a cute First Christmas footprint ornament from Aunt Christine and Uncle Cameron, and a cute outfit from the Grandparents.

Miles walked in the door and was enamored by this: 
A firetruck!!!  From Cousin Peter (and Aunt Christine and Uncle Cameron).  He rode the firetruck in circles around the house in between his turns of opening gifts!  

Forgive me for the pics of the fire truck as Ben had the camera for them.

Miles got this wonderful (hand made) bean bag set from Auntie Annie.  Many hours will be spent tossing bean bags in the yard this summer!

He also got this wonderful "Handy Manny" tool belt from Grandma and Grandpa O (though it's a tad big!). Not pictured is a coin counter that Miles received from Aunt Heidi and Uncle Tim.  He loves putting his coins in it and watching the numbers go up.  Oh, and it was filled with chocolate coins!  His favorite!

Ben and I both got shoes from my a new pair of winter boots and Ben a new pair of Vans.
Overall, we had a great Christmas this year.  We were very blessed.  And that wraps up Christmas 2010!

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