Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Five Months

Wow!  I think I missed this one somehow.  Miss Isla turned  5 months a couple weeks ago!  There is not much new to tell.  She is as sweet as ever.  No doctor appt, so no new stats.  However, in recent news, she has FINALLY started rolling.  Front to  back, anyhow.  I finally started laying on the tummy-time pretty thick and let her "cry it out" one afternoon until she finally flipped herself over.  She would get so frustrated being on her belly but would get hung up on her back arm.  She will now roll over, but prefers to lay there and fuss until you flip her.  She is getting more proficient at it, though. 

Now we must start to work on the back to belly!  As we speak, I have her laying on her back on the floor with her toys out of her reach and behind her.  She  rolls up onto her side to try to reach them, but has yet to flip over to grab them :).  Does that make me a mean mom??? 

She is  also talking a ton!  She will sit there and babble and coo your ear off.  It is pretty endearing!

 And, for good measure, a few shots of Miles at five months.

This one of him and Grandpa O is one of my favorites :)

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  1. Everytime I am normally scrolling quickly in my google reader and I come to Miles pictures and have to back up because I think "wow - she looks so much like Miles" and then see it is him! He looks exactly the same! So cute! Isla is adorable!