Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cousins at Play

Whew!  It was one wild Easter weekend at my parents.  My sister and family are moving to the great sunny state  of California in a few short weeks, so we wanted the cousins to spend as much QT together as possible.  We spent Friday evening, the better part of Saturday, and Sunday at my parents. 

Miles was so excited to see his cousin P.  Things got a little complicated  when Miles realized that P was on his turf, meaning some rules were different.  And he had a hard time  understanding that just because P was on his turf didn't mean that P had to do whatever Miles wanted  at any given time!  Miles  had a bit of trouble with this concept.  In his mind, P was  there to play with him.  In general, they got along great and had a great time together!

They did run around the front yard for a while, ate lasagna, played with the train, watched Grouch and Calliou and played in the "sandbox"...as well as played "car wash" with Miles' truck.

This game (and night) didn't end so well because Miles was over excited, over tired and territorial...a bad combo for a 3 year old. So, right around total meltdown time we headed home.  He went to bed at 9 that night and didn't get up till almost 1030 the next morning!  Talk about playing hard!

And the girls, Miss M and Miss Isla!  Miss M was quite smitten with the baby :). 

This was just the start to a great weekend!

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