Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Magical Easter Eggs!

We celebrated Easter weekend mostly at my parent's house.  My sister, brother in law, their kiddos and my younger sister trecked over from the westside to celebrate and visit.  Before we went up to my parents' the first night, Miles wanted to make some Magical Easter Eggs!  Though I was far more conservative about the process than my sister and didn't let Miles put his hands in the dye or make a mess!  I'm lame like that :)
First we boiled the eggs, which took great patience on Miles' part. 

Miles was pretty darned excited about the whole thing! 

Then we mixed the colors...in apple cider vinegar because that was all we had... 

Again, he was pretty excited.

Isla waited patiently by, jumping around in her jumperoo. 

Then the dying began...gently placing the eggs, one by one, into the dye without getting your fingers or hands  wet!

He did a pretty good job.  We made a game of it :)  (Oh and please excuse the fire hazard on the stove and other general clutter  in the background...)

Then we let them set...and they were half done. 

And we dyed the second half.  This time, we let them set, then switched them up (moved the red into the yellow, green into the blue, yellow into the orange, etc) just to mix up the colors a bit. 

And there you have it!  Our Magical Easter Eggs!  Miles did add afew stickers after they dried.
We then brought them up to Grandma and Grandpa's to share with the family (and show them off!).

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