Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th Weekend Fun

We began the holiday weekend by heading up to the cabin on July 2nd.  I had worked the night before (as usual) and then went home, gathered the fam, ran some errands, then made it to the lake around lunch time.  After I quit meal, I hit the sack to sleep for a few hours.  Grandma and Grandpa watched the kiddos while Ben also napped. 

Isla's favorite trick of the weekend was climbing up on the bricks surrounding the wood stove.  She could get up, but not back down!  She also started pulling up on things (table, couch, etc).  She'll be walking before she knows what's good for her!  She also mastered the crawling on hands and feet technique, which is funny to watch.  When her knees aren't covered, she doesn't like to put them on the ground to crawl, especially on hard or rough surfaces...can't blame the girl.

This picture made me laugh.  Poor girl.  Miles had "caught" her with his butterfly/fishing net.  She was eating french fries...well trying to eat them through the net.  She has her trusty sock monkey friend by her side.  Don't worry, the net was removed right after this picture was snapped!

I signed up to work my second job on the night of the third (hello big money night!), but didn't realize at the time that I'd miss the fireworks since everyone else was headed  back to town on the 4th.  Bummer.  So, Ben and  I (after a fire and some s'mores) went down to the "beach" and set off a few Roman candles and one big 9 set mortar thingy that was like a big finale.

Sunday was pretty warm and nice and sunny.  I slept in while Ben went fishing with Tom and Sara watched the kids.  After  lunch, Sara, Ben and Miles went to town (Newport) and bought more fireworks, some sparklers, and snakes for that night.  Isla and I hung out and headed down to the water front for some Vitamin D :).  She loved  sitting in the grass.  It was warm and I didn't put sunscreen on her, so we only sat down there for about 20 min before climbing the 70+ stairs back to the cabin.

We went back up just before Sara and the boys got back with the fireworks.  We hung out under the deck, snapped some pics on the new swing, did some pop-its and some snakes.

This one just cracked me up:



Around 5pm, I called to make sure I was working and then went back to town to head into work.  Isla came with me because the cabin was just too far away for my comfort and so I could feed her in the morning.  She stayed with my parents for the night.  On the 4th, I went to their house to feed Isla and sleep for a while before Sara drove Ben and Miles into town.  We met them at my parents house then drove home. 

 At home, we had some cheeseburgers and lit sparklers.  Miles like watching but wouldn't touch them!  Isla didn't have a cheeseburger, she ate a crayon :).

It was a wonderful, warm 4th of  July, despite the fact that I missed the "real" fireworks show on the 3rd.  Next year!

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