Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swimming like a Fish

Back in May, we enrolled Miles in swim lessons at the local YMCA.  He was so excited to go to "swim school"!

He did so well!  We were very impressed with our young boy.  He listened pretty well, followed directions, sat quietly, and really enjoyed himself.  We were also impressed with how much he learned.

He hung on to the wall like this while waiting his turn.  There were six boys, initially, in the class.  One of them was on the the younger side (class was for ages 3-6 and he had just turned 3) and ended up dropping to the level down so one of his parents would be in the water with him.  The others were there pretty regularly and all  about the same age.  It was fun watching them interact!

They did a lot of floating on their backs.  Miles had a hard time relaxing and looking up at the ceiling.  By the end of class (8 lessons) he could float for a few seconds on his own!

Chase was his teacher and he was GREAT.   He did very well with the boys, making them all feel included and encouraged. He pushed them, but no too much, keeping it enjoyable.

Miles did finally learn to jump in without belly flopping!

Here, the boys are practicing their "big scoops" for swimming.

Here, Miles is putting his "big scoops" to the test!

They also did some work with the boogy boards to practice their kicking.

Isla joined us  at all the lessons and did very well.  The other moms loved oohing and ahhing over her...but who doesn't???  Look at those cheeks!

Overall, we were very impressed with both Miles' performance of maturity during his lessons as well as the scope of skills he learned in the water.  I think we'll be doing lessons  through the Y again, possibly later this summer!

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