Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fun in the Yard

Our backyard was one of the major selling points of our house fours years ago.  We are sooo glad we picked a house with a largish backyard.  Though our playset needs updating, the kids are loving running around in the yard and playing.

I also wanted to add some photos of our new wreath I made for summer.  Another inspired idea!

Playing in the yard and digging in the dirt leads to finding new friends, who need new homes!


Last week, Uncle Danny was in town.  Him and Grandma Sara came up to take some trash of ours to the dump.  They also brought an important piece to a new project and stayed for lunch.  Isla takes a while to warm up to her uncles, but once she does, she loves spending time with them!

Isla finally learned/got the courage to go down our slide!

She goes down on her belly and holds on to the top until she's nearly at the bottom :).

She also claps every.single.time she reaches the bottom :).

Here is the new project that Uncle Danny and Grandma Sara helped finish.

It is a huge 8ft x 8ft sandbox in our garden area.  We built it the day before.  I bought 12, 50lbs bags of sandbox sand, which cost $60 and barely made a dent in filling it.  When Uncle Danny and Grandma Sara came up to take our trash to the dump, they brought us a yard of sand from a landscaping place...$18!

The kids love it!  We occasionally have some territorial issues, which is odd since it is so big, but I guess not surprising with siblings.

And, lastly, Isla enjoying some ice cream on the deck on a nice summer night!

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