Sunday, May 20, 2012


Miles has been obsessed lately.  He has a new love for Legos.  It started with Legos Batman on xbox360, and grew with the purchase of a Batman Legos set. He now has many many Legos and will play for hours with them! 
While his collection doesn't begin to rival his Uncle Tim's growing up, it is growing...seemingly daily.  I love that Legos help him with fine motor skills and are great for his imagination.  He often has a whole city occupying the playroom.

Because they're all in the playroom, Isla is seldom let down there to play.  Now that outside play is a bigger contender, it is working out ok.

They had been housed on Miles' top bunk, but we had to unbunk the beds due to our little monkey (much to Miles' dismay).  We just couldn't find a way to keep her off the top bunk!  I'll have to post update pictures of their room soon.

Miles is quite proud of all his Legos and creations.

What a wonderful, timeless invention!

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