Sunday, May 5, 2013

Carriage Rides and a Light Show

Here's some more Christmas catch-up. I can't believe it's May and I'm just now getting to December!!! I need to get this blog up-to-date asap.

A local credit union does free horse and carriage rides each year at Christmastime. I've always wanted to go. This year, we waited to the last minute (last ride on the last day), but hurried downtown one night with Auntie Annie. We rode the carriage around down town.

Other than the fact that Miles wanted to be co-pilot, we had a great time! Oh, and the fact that Miles had a raging fever that I medicated well. He felt fine by the time we went downtown, but it spiked again when we got home :(. Isla had the same virus the week prior. High other symptoms.

Apparently I don't have any photos of Auntie Annie, but she was with us :).
After that, I took the kids to a light show that is by our house. It is free and only about a mile from us. This big red barn does this elaborate light show each year. I forget all the statistics, but there are thousands and thousands of lights. It is about 15min long and synced to music by tuning to a certain station on your radio. It is AMAZING!!!

It is crowded and can be hard to get a spot to see it well, but it is great and worth a short wait. The kids really enjoyed it. There are farm animals, snowmen in a snowball fight, and tons of other great things.

Next, on to our Christmas Eve (Dec 23).

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