Sunday, May 5, 2013

Christmas at Our House aka Christmas Eve Part 2

Christmas Eve, the kids woke up to see that Santa had come to our house.

They were sleepy, but excited.

They started off with their stockings.

Then moved on to their bigger gifts.

This is a parasarolaphus (sp?).  A prized dinosaur from Aunt Christine and Uncle Cam.

His big gift from us was literally big.  A huge T-rex. 

The kids enjoyed their gifts and playing with them together.

The aftermath of Christmas morning.

After we picked up a bit, Miles and Isla painted the ornaments they had made for their grandparents.

Then we went outside to shovel and build a snowman.

Ben and the kids built a snowman while I shovelled.

Later on, we got cleaned up and went up to Grandma Sara's and Grandpa Tom's house for some more Christmas Eve festivities.  They give everyone pajamas for Christmas Eve, so we opened our jammies to wear.

Isla wore her Christmas dress, even though we weren't going to church.

Isla was quite pleased with her pajamas!

Then we tried to get some sleep before Santa came again.  Part 3 (and maybe 4) to follow soon.

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