Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Apples: Part 1 (and some crazy hair)

On Tuesday, we took our annual trip to Greenbluff! Greenbluff is a beautiful area north of town that is made up of many farms that grow all sorts of produce, depending on the time of year. This time of year it is apple and pumpkin season. I have gone to Greenbluff just about every year I can remember. Miles has been every year of his life so far... We hope to keep this annual trip a tradition for years to come. This year, Miles was able to get into it a bit more and really enjoyed it!

We started out at Walter's, that is no longer owned by the Walters. The apples were good, but the pumpkins left something to be desired.
Because we went up on a Tuesday, all the festivities were shut down and there weren't many people around. During the weekends the traffic is astonishing, the lines are long, the train rides are full. But there are also fresh pumpkin doughnuts, caramel apples, fresh cider, kettle corn, pony rides, hay mazes, and more. While Miles is still little, we opt to avoid the crowds and go during the week.

First, we took a "train" ride to the apple trees. This year we picked only red and golden delicious. Miles wasn't quite sure about the train ride to begin with, but warmed up quickly.

He liked that it was pulled by a tractor. It was a blue tractor, but since riding his "Gupay's" tractor this summer, he is obsessed with all things tractor. This farm had tractors everywhere and each time he saw one he would point and yell, "Gupay, Gupay, more Gupay!".

The apples looked delightful!

And Miles agreed! He was ready for some picking...

Luckily, there were many apples at his level that he could pick on his own.

He had a hard time getting them off the tree at times, but overall did a pretty good job helping pick apples.

He also helped Daddy by running picked apples to the apple box.
And usually throwing them like balls, into the box.
We tried to teach him to set them gently, that we don't throw produce!
He also helped Daddy carry the box back to the store so we could pay for them.
This is just part one of our day to Greenbluff. I have some more pics from apple picking (namely some of me and Miles) as well as our trip to the pumpkin patch on a different farm.
Notice Miles' crazy hair in these pics? I opted not to comb his hair that morning, mostly out of laziness. If I had a dollar for every time someone commented on his hair that day, I could have purchased a few lattes! Mostly people liked it :) with comments like "Nice hair, little guy", or "I like his hair, very cute!" I usually replied with, "Yeah, I didn't comb it this morning...authentic bed head!"

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