Friday, October 23, 2009

Flashback Friday

Like I said in my previous post, this trip to the pumpkin patch/apple orchards is a yearly trip. We started before Miles came along (pretty much all our lives), and we want to carry it on for as long as we can.
Here is a look at the past three years of out annual adventures in Greenbluff.
I propped Miles in the pumpkins for his first pumpkin patch picture. As you can see, he was less than thrilled. This is just about one month old.

At just over a year, he was all about walking around the pumpkin patch. And climbing all over the pumpkins (but not posing!).

This year, I only got a "pose" out of him because he wanted to climb over these pumpkins and sit by the scarecrow. He was excited that he made it to the other side (there were about four feet of pumpkins he climbed over to get here).

But this year, he thought they were all like balls and could be thrown. I repeatedly had to tell him that we don't throw pumpkins, or any kind of produce for that matter (except I did tell him to throw apples that he picked up off the ground under the trees in the orchard...poor kid was probably confused!).

During our first trip, I carried Miles in the sling (besides the pumpkin propping).

The next year, he went in the stroller, but we did eventually let him out to walk around.

This year, we didn't even bother with the stroller...he now wants to "walka-walka" everywhere!

Daddy and Miles posed by the scarecrow the first year.

The next year, like I said, he wasn't into the posing thing! So, he ended up on Daddy's shoulders for a bit (we actually used the stroller for the pumpkins!).

This year, he was all about helping (and still not wanting to pose!).
This one is a self portrait of our family from our first visit as the three of us.
I love this picture. Attempts at more self family portraits both last year and this were failed attempts!

Hope you enjoyed the glance back in time!

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  1. Love the pics - we have the same up on our blog. BTW - it look like Miles is wearing small and large versions of the same sweater 2 years ago and this year! Very funny. Mom's tastes haven't changed!