Sunday, October 4, 2009


Peter and Miles. Miles and Peter. Two little boys born three and a half months apart whose mothers are sisters. Miles calls his cousin Peter, Pete, and I think it's pretty cute. They are both just getting to an age of being curious about other kids, but not quite sure what to do with each other. Miles has also recently started saying "mine", which inhibits the playing together, though we're working on sharing and learning that just because you have something in your possession, doesn't mean it is, indeed, yours.

Here are some pics from our weekend visiting cousin Peter a few weeks ago.

I am pretty sure Peter is pulling on Miles shirt to get the ball that Miles is playing "keep away" with. Here is a better shot from my sister's blog.

This is Cameron earnestly trying to get the boys to play together, throwing the ball in a circle between the three of them. Peter was pretty good at it, but Miles and his new word ("mine") became the downfall of the game.

Some fun at the drinking fountain.

Peter was kind enough to share one of his favorite activities with Miles. Throwing rocks in the river, I mean ocean, by the railroad tracks. Miles enjoys throwing rocks just as much as Peter does, remember?

And this was just the beginning of the fun filled weekend. Peter and Miles also played at Peter's house.

Miles had a great time on their balcony.

He and Peter did a lot of in and out!

Peter, with his skinned-up face from a tumble, or two, he took. He's a little more rough and tumbler than Miles!

Can't remember what they were doing, but they were both enjoying it. Maybe they were just shaking hands?

Cousins hugging....awwwww.....!

Playing puzzles together.

Miles riding Peter's "hoo-hoo", or horse, while Peter dug in Aunt Annie's purse (or as Miles says, "Ent En").
Peter hit the jack-pot with "Ent En's" credit card!

After all that fun, Peter relaxed with a nice ice cold beer...
(it is empty)

And the other cousin! The newest addition to the clan: Moira Eileen! She was about six weeks old when we first met her. Here she is just learning to smile.

And also learning to be content hanging out by herself for a few minutes.

Miles had many hugs to share with cousin Moira!
A little out of order, Moira and her Mommy snuggling:

More hugs from Miles. Did I mention that he loves babies?

Is she smiling at him?

This is Miles trying to make Moira smile like her Mommy did by poking her...Miles didn't understand why it made her cry when he did it.

And that was just one day! Whew! Day two with this clan coming soon...stay tuned!

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