Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Pregnancy Catch-up (28weeks)


Almost 27wks:

28wks (kind of 7 months):

How Far Along: 28 weeks(and 2 day now!)

Weight Gain: I'm not 100% sure. My scale this morning said anything from 147 to 199. I'm guessing I'm somewhere around a 24lb gain so far. We'll find out at my doc's on Monday (scary). I may be up a few extra pounds from water gain from the heat...we'll see. Most days, my rings still fit!

Maternity Clothes: I think we've gone over this again and again. Nothing has changed here! I need to figure out some new "questions". Anything you want to know? Go ahead and ask!

Sleep: Same here as well. I sleep better with a pillow under my belly, but I've tried to keep pillows from overtaking the bed this pregnancy! I'm having to wake up to roll over, which is getting old.

Symptoms: Still have massive heartburn. I probably should address it with my doctor at my next appointment... Also, threw up for the first time in a month a couple days ago. Seriously?!?! I guess it was my fault for violating my rule of not eating prior to brushing my teeth!

Cravings: Still nothing major. I made the mistake the other night at work of putting myself in a room with pregnant coworker. We got to talking about how this pregnancy was different from my last, different things I craved, etc, and prompted a midnight run to satisfy her craving (that I put in her head) of McDonald's! We were the joke for the night with our McDonald's run and Tums sitting on the counter all night :).

Gender: It's still a girl! (as far as I know) :) And it better be, because she has quite the wardrobe started! (I'll share next post!)

Baby: This is sharing from my knowledge of working with 28 weekers frequently. At this gestation, babies are usually around 2-2.5lbs. They can open and close their eyes (which are usually just a grey color at this point). If born at this time, a lot of times they can breath on their own (with some extra pressure) and the aid of some synthetic surfactant to help keep their lungs open. They're usually hairy little things that measure about 14-15inches head to toe.

Movement: She is moving all over the place! I used to think I knew which way she was pointing, but I'm not sure anymore. I've started feeling actual parts (heels, knees, head, butt?) that are hard and can "chase" them across my belly...which is totally a freaky feeling to me!

Things I'm Looking Forward to in the coming week: Well, I have my 28/29 week appt on Monday. It is my last four week appt. My next will be two weeks after that. I can't believe I'm into the 2wk appts already! It is going to start flying by, here. Now that I'm 28wks, I'm starting to feel like it's really happening! I think prior to 28 weeks, I try not to get too attached because you never know what could happen. At this point (though it would be awful if she were born now or anytime before 37-38 weeks), the odds of me actually bringing home my baby in October are greatly increased. This makes me breathe a sigh of relief and start enjoying the fact that my baby girl is on her way!

I'm also looking forward to starting on her "nursery" sometime next week. I'm hoping to get rid of a couple strollers I have collected and purchase a white changing table for our room. I'm planning on turning my side of the bed into her area and decorate it a bit. I'll let you know how it progresses!

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