Wednesday, October 13, 2010

38 weeks

This past Monday, I was 38 weeks. Today, I am 38wks 2days.

Generally speaking, I'm sore (very sore...I feel like my hips could split in half at any moment), tired (it's amazing how much energy it takes just to roll over in bed, stand up from a chair, get Miles into my tiny little car that has shrunken during both pregnancies, etc). Normal day-to-day stuff wares me's a little sad!

But, the end is nearing. Things are pretty much entirely ready for Miss Isla to arrive at any time (though my bag isn't completely packed yet). The carpets are clean. The basement is clean. Her corner is set up. The baby toys and accessories have been moved upstairs. Everything washed and put away. Now just the waiting. And to finish packing the bag, which I'll probably do before I go to work tonight and set it at the top of the stairs for Ben....just in case! Miles is at his Grandma Sara's tonight, but otherwise I'd be packing his bag and leaving it at the top of the stairs as well.

Physically, things are progressing as they should. I'll spare you the details of my cervix, but it's doing what it should (thank God it's not closed and hard!). Isla has moved down quite a bit (which means more pressure in the hip region and more difficulty walking). And, I'm only up about 33-34lbs! Amazing to me! I gained 50lbs with Miles by 39wk 4d. I actually lost three pounds this past week, but I think that is mostly attributed to my appointment time (last week was right after lunch, this week was first thing in the morning). Still, I'll take it! Isla is growing just as she should, so no need for me to continue packing on the poundage if I don't need to!

I'm also not packing on the water like I did with Miles. My feet/ankles are only mildly swollen when I get off work in the mornings and my engagement ring still fits (wedding band no longer does as it is a half size smaller). I'm retaining a bit of fluid, but not much!

Oh, and for those wondering (I know you all are!), I am officially the proud owner of an "outie" belly button. With Miles, it just went flat. Right now, it is popped out a bit. Not sure why it is different this time....perhaps the baby's position has anything to do with it?

Anyhow, there's the low-down on the pregnancy up-date. Gotta get ready for work!

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