Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010!

We made it up to the pumpkin patch this year. It was important to me that we make it up, but I was starting to think it wouldn't happen for us. We kept telling Miles that Isla will come out of my belly after apple picking and pumpkin picking. Well, after my doctor's appointment today Isla now has an eviction notice that is up on Thursday (update post to follow). Because the date is fast approaching we decided to head up to Greenbluff today for a quick produce picking trip and keep up our family tradition. Miles loved it!

I tried to get some cute pictures of Miles, but he kept giving my cheesy smiles and hamming it up.

This is prior to the pumpkin patch. He was pretty excited. My hips were not!

We got this fancy wheel barrow to carry them in. Miles initially wanted to push, but he quickly asked Daddy to drive it!

It was a very nice pumpkin patch. We chose the u-pick pumpkins for Miles and Ben.

Miles kind of blended in with the patch in his brown!

Ben is always set on finding the perfect pumpkin.

Miles enjoyed his own search for the perfect pumpkin.
And he found it!

Post pumpkin patch with a huge smile!

I'm really not sure which one is his and which one is Daddy's. They're about the same size!

When we headed back to the "barn", Miles picked out a pumpkin for Isla (the tiny one) and I picked out a pre-picked one for myself.

After picking out our pumpkins, we wandered the farm a bit. Miles really wanted to pet the chickens...

But that didn't pan out so well!

He did get to pet the "horsies" and feed them some weeds from the ground (that they were eating in their corral anyhow). He really liked feeding the "horsie" the leaves.

Then we headed quickly to another farm to pick a few apples. We didn't delve deep into the orchard because my hips are so darn sore. The only apples left on the first few trees in the orchard were up at the top. Miles enjoyed picking them. We don't even know what kind they are!

He was very proud of his picks.

And insisted on carrying the box. Eventually Ben was able to convince Miles to give the box to him! Even though it literally had 2lbs of apples in it, it was kind of a big box for a little boy!

On the way up to the house to pay for the apples, Miles enjoyed jumping off some hay bales!
Our final selections, all lined up. Back row, L to R: Ben, Miles
Front row, L to R: Me, Isla

Even though it was a very quick trip and we walked away with 2lbs of apples and about $15 worth of pumpkins, it was worth the trip to carry on our yearly tradition!

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