Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Call me Martha...

...or don't!

As I get more and more tired and sore and it is more difficult for me to move around I've been trying to come up with activities for Miles to do at home. Usually, I try to make it out of the house, and most days we do, but now that he is napping less and less often, I've found another block of time to fill in the afternoons. While he has the energy for a morning and afternoon activities, I do not!

So, the other day, I thought we'd go ahead and make some cookies to decorate with some left over Halloween decorations from last year. Miles had a blast! He loves frosting. Eating it. But could leave the cookie part.

Miles was actually pretty clean about the whole thing. He liked eating the sprinkles that didn't land on the cookie. After he was finished, he asked if he could eat one. I said sure. So he proceeded to lick the frosting off the cookie and leave the cookie!

That makes me a regular Martha Stewart, right???
Just don't tell Martha that I cheated...

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