Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Future Playroom

So, all the basement cleaning and painting is for the playroom.  Ben's current music room will become the playroom.  I'm excited.  So is Miles :). 

This is my inspiration:
Picture from Amazon.com.  Apparently not a good resolution!

When you walk in the room, this is what you currently see (minus the typing I added):
I'm going to put a vinyl quote above the window.  It says "You're off to great places, today is  your day.  Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way".  A quote from the book. 

I plan to paint the stripes on the paneling in different colors.  The colors of the stripes on the front cover of the book.  The nook on the rt of the window will probably say "create" since that will be the art corner (hopefully with an easel someday).  The left nook, well, I'm not sure.  Perhaps it will say "explore".
The activity table and chairs will go under the window.  There will probably be some smallish storage bins underneath it (but still leave room for their little legs).

The wall to the left will contain most of the storage.  I hope to have two Closetmaid nine cube storage shelves on either end with a bench/toybox connecting them in the middle.  Above the storage units will be some hot air balloon vinyl decals.  
An example of what I may use.  From here.  This may or may not be what I actually use.

The wall to the right of the door will contain the art corner on the left, "learning center" and to the right, a dress-up corner.  We plan to keep the desk in there.  Someday it will house a computer.  For now, I'm not sure.  I want to put block letters up on top of the hutch that say "learn".  To the right of the desk will be coat hooks. Above that will say either "imagine" or "dream".  I would also like a trunk or antique suitcase of some kind to house dress up accessories.

This is the back wall.  I'm hoping to turn the big closet into a reading nook.  Inside the closet, to the left, I want to put a built-in bench with some storage underneath and pillows on top.  To the right, there are a bunch of shelves, which will be perfect for all their books.  Games will go up top.  I want to put the word "read" down the side of the closet.  I'll probably take the doors off and hand a colorful curtain.

Above the closet, I want to put this quote, also from the book. 
Link (this one is a little spendy for my tastes!).

Besides the striped wall, the main color will probably be a light blue or possibly yellow, or maybe green.  Clearly I'm undecided!  It won't be pink or purple, though :).  I'm pretty excited about the room (and excited to get the toys out of their tiny bedroom!), and can't wait to get started.  I'm hoping Ben will be moved out later this week and I can paint next weekend!

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