Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Home Improvements

Just sifting through pictures, I realized I'm a little behind.  I forgot Thanksgiving!!!  Yikes.  So, I thought I'd blog the more boring things first, even though they are most recent, so they are at the end to scroll through...if that makes sense.

Anyhow, we've been doing some home improvement around here.  We're getting ready to work on a few projects in the basement.  But, first, I replaced some lights upstairs.  The globe of our kitchen light randomly fell and shattered the other night.  Thank Got no one was in there (especially one of the kids!) and also thank God that we weren't in bed.  It was LOUD.  I would have had a heart attack waking up to that sound!  So, I went to Lowe's and purchased a new light.  It matches the ones in the basement.  And it was cheap ($20).  And there were two in the box.

So the hallway got a new light as well! 
I know, they're "boob" lights, but oh well.  They are new and they work!

On to other news in the home improvement.  I've been a busy beaver these past few days.  Most of this was done by me while Ben watched the kids so  I didn't have "helpers" :).  We've  been meaning to do some cleaning/painting/reorganizing in the basement to accommodate a future project (next post on that).

So, I cleaned and organized the storage/laundry room.  I know the storage part doesn't look that organized, but trust me, it is 1000 times better than it was!

With the rug rolled out, I feel like it's an actual "room" and less  like a dirty storage room.

Here is the storage side, well part of it: 

The rest of the basement got a major face lift.  Prior to this, it was a horrible paint job of a different shade of blue and gray.  Funny that we went with different shades of the  same colors!  To whomever did the texture on these walls...I would like to swiftly kick you in the shins...  At least it was a good workout!  I used Olympic paint (the kind with the primer in it) and covered the room with one coat!  I'm impressed.  I did have to go back and touch up a few areas because I ran out of paint on the last wall and had to go back after I bought another quart of it.

This is the future music room.  Someday there will be a piano in there...someday!  for now, it will hold media (cd's, dvds, games, etc), as well as Ben's drums and other musical gear.  The drum set will be along the left side/corner of that window wall.

The room from another angle.  We got those shelves  on the right to store his vinyls.  The door was previously upside down and unpainted.   I turned it over, painted it, and added a brushed nickle knob.  And we vacuumed.  A lot.  And threw out a bunch of trash.  Ben is in the process of organizing his cd's and DVDs.

The bathroom (that is rarely used) was scrubbed, steam mopped, and wiped down.  Now it is usable again! 

And the hallway is also painted (it is gray, though looks bluish).  I also put a curtain up over the closet under the stairs.  The doorway isn't framed out...that is on a "someday" project list. For now, a curtain will do.

So, that's it.  Our most recent updates.

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