Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Belated Turkey Day!

I got all caught up in Christmas this weekend.  I completely forgot about Thanksgiving!  I'm not sure how that happened.  I realized it as I was sorting through pictures yesterday.  Whoops! 

So, here we are.  I worked Thanksgiving Eve and the kids and Ben stayed up at the McLane's.  After I slept till about noonish, I got up and drove up to their house.  My parents had gone to Seattle to celebrate with my brother and his family, and my younger sister.

When I arrived, I was greeted by this:
So much to be thankful for!

And also saw a lot of this:
Cooking, mashing, roasting...aaaahhhh the smells!

I made my twice baked sweet potatoes again this year.  This is before they were baked the second time.

Ben carved the turkey.

A few days before Thanksgiving, Miles had made some hand turkeys with his grandma.  He colored them all himself!  He was pretty proud.

Everyone had their own hand turkey at their place setting.

Isla enjoyed her mashed potatoes and turkey. 

Hours later, we enjoyed some pie.  There were two apple pies, two pumpkin pies, and a pumpkin cheese cake.  Yum!  I had a piece, or two, of pumpkin. 
Ben had apple.

Miles had cheese cake, though he didn't actually eat much.

And Miss Isla had a piece of pumpkin with plenty of whip cream!  She was a big fan of it all!
Somehow I didn't get any pictures of the uncles.  I didn't have my camera out much.  Uncles Danny and Tyler were home for the holiday (and will be back for Christmas).  I'll have to steal a picture of the whole family from Grandma S since we had a little family photo after dinner (before the pie).

It was a great and relaxing holiday.  We enjoyed ourselves.  After the festivities and the kids were in bed, Ben and I headed out to find some deals at Wal-Mart (yikes!!!).  On Friday, we did a little more black Friday shopping and got everyone taken care of, except a  few random things.  Friday was much less busy than Thursday night :).  Overall, it was a great holiday celebrated with family.  So much to be thankful for!

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  1. Moira loves the pics of Isla. "My little baby!" she said when she first came on the screen. I explained who Isla was and now with each pic of her she's saying, "Mona's wittle cuzzin Iwwa."