Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Changes and Growing

All that cleaning of the craft room was to make room for Miles' old twin bed.  The twin bed had to come out so a new bed could go in!  BUNK BEDS!!!

Mile is beyond thrilled and has thanked us for the bunk beds about 10 times since this afternoon (which is when he got home).  I didn't want to just switch the beds out, but wanted to update this room and make it a space for both kids to enjoy.  I wanted to cover up that macaroni yellow and went with a light green.  I've been using Olympic One paint with all my painting the past few months.  In all other rooms, I've only needed one coat with some touch ups.  This  room needed two because of the orange  it was before!  Just the new color brightened the room and made it feel bigger.  THe painting of the room required the kids to be out of the house, so they were at Grandma and Grandpa M's for the night so I  could paint and prep.

Ben and I did a little shopping and got a new light fixure, some sheets for Isla, and some random things for a few projects.  We cleared the room out with the exception of the mattresses and began painting.  Then I replaced the light with a fun chandelier to add a feminine element for Isla.  I even went so far as to vaccuum and steam clean the carpets (it was GROSS!!!).  If you're wondering how I have time for all this, well, the kids were gone for starters, and I was up till 3am cleaning and working on projects to put the room together.  The beds were delivered and built this morning.

I used the old crib rails for safety rails for Isla.  It makes a nice enclosed space for her, but I can still get in and snuggle :).

The valance and roman shade were both made by me a few years ago.  I painted the bird painting last night.  It was inspired by a print I found on my latest obcession.  In fact, much of my inspiration was found there :).

The book slings and button letters were also found on Pinterest.  I love how the button letters turned out!  That is a cursive "I", if you can't tell :).  I already had the fabric for the slings, paint, and canvases, so all I needed for these projects as the brackets, dowels, and buttons!

A close up of the button letters.  Miles was sorely dissappointed that his was an "M" and not a "B" (ya know, for Batman!).

Miles' old dresser, which became Isla's dresser, got another make-over.  I wanted to recreate the bird print on canvas and kind of used that as inspiration for other accents in the room.  Therefore, there is kind of a bird/nature theme, if you can call it that.  I used Miles' bed quilt for my colors, since that won't be changing...ever.  It was made by Grandma Sara.  She's going to make a similar quilt for Isla using the same block pattern and colors, but different fabrics with some girlier prints to them...and maybe some pink :).  The tree on the dresser was inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest!  Are you surprised?  :).  It also got knew pulls.

The idea for the crate with diapers and wipes in it also came from Pinterest.  It is currently hanging on nails, but I think I need to screw it into the wall and probably into a stud...ya know, in case Isla decides to try to hang from it...

This framed bird print has been sitting on the desk in my craft room for years.  My brother's wife, Heidi, painted it for me as a Christmas present many years ago.  I've always loved it.  While I was cleaning that room, I realized that it would be perfect in the kids newly decorated room!  I'm so excited to have it on display.  The other knick knacks were also in my craft old glass knob from a power line, a pretty bell that my big sis got in India for me, and a tea cup and silver spoon, that I beleive was a gift Ben got as a baby.

Miles is always  set on having a light on at night.  He had stolen my lamp, but I was anxious to have it back.  Also, there is no where to put a lamp in here, unless  I get a side table to put next to the rocking chair (wich may or may not happen in the future).  So, I got him this clip on light for his bed.  He loves it!

Last, but certainly not least, Miss I sleeping in her new "big girl" bed.

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  1. Great job on all the organizing and decorating!! I cannot believe Isla has a big girl bed...where does the time go!? You did a great job decorating. I am still looking for ideas online for Blake's room, but even painting would be a good start. :) His room still says "Logan" on the shelf. Looks like your family is doing well. :)