Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Playroom Update!

So, the playroom is basically finished.  I say basically, because I'm sure I'll always be wanting to add or change things.  There are a few specific things I want to change, but not much.  Both kids LOVE playing in the playroom!  Success :).

I sewed some  curtains out of my inspiration fabric, Bunting in Retro by Michael Miller.  The colors in the fabric are strewn about the room.  The chair at the desk was also recovered in the fabric. On either side of the window, I added some quote prints I made on Photoshop.  Also, I need to add/change the items on the hutch shelving.

This is the finished reading nook.  The bench was upholstered with the inspiration fabric and also trimmed out.  Lowly worm loves the bench :).  It also provides a great space for storage underneath.

To the left of the window is the chorus from "You are My Sunshine".  I sing this to Isla frequently.  I love it.  I had these printed at Costco in 11x14.

This one is on the right of the window.  It is from "Oh the Places You'll Go", my original inspiration for the room.  I had to tie it in a few places.  Such a great book!

Lastly, I updated the cloud on the rainbow.  I made it more wispy...not sure if anyone can tell, but I like it better.  The lines were too "clean" on the first version.

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