Sunday, June 24, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I know I'm about a month late on this post, but better late than never, right?  This past Memorial Day weekend, we headed up to the cabin for some fun at the lake.  Oh how I'm looking forward to many fun relaxing weekends at the lake this summer.  The kids and Ben went up with Grandma Sara on Friday afternoon and I crossed my fingers that I could get the night off work and head up early Saturday morning.  Unfortunately, I ended up working until about 3am, but that gave me enough time to get some sleep and get up around 8 to head north and not waste the day!

The kids both had a great time playing with Grandma S.

Miss Isla LOVES reading books! 

And I relaxed a bit and enjoyed the view. 

Saturday was very very windy with one storm that passed through, but the other days were decent.

Ben and I enjoyed a night by the fire pit making s'mores as usual.

On Sunday, Tom and Sara had to run to town.  We hung around the cabin and had a nice picnic lunch.  Miles is back to full force fireman mode.  Occasionally Batman surfaces, but he loves being a fireman because of access to the hose in the summer! 

The hose, and water squirters! 

We roasted hot dogs and ate melons and a nice fresh salad.

And I had a little photo shoot with Miss Isla.

Before leaving Monday, we headed down to the water.

Miles was very excited to go fishing!

We didn't actually go out in the boat.  Miles just climbed in to fish a bit.  However, Tom and Ben headed out a couple times and got several fish on Sunday night.

Miss Isla loved putting her feet into the water.  It was soo cold that I couldn't even get mine all the way in!  I think she would have gone for a swim if I had let her.

Once again, we had a lovely holiday weekend relaxing at the cabin and enjoying our surroundings!

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