Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Science Center

After Ikea and lunch, we hit up the Pacific Science Center.  I was so excited to take the kids, espeically Miles!

I was so afraid Miles was going to fall in the water!  He liked looking at the dinosaurs.

We first walked quickly through the dinosaur exhibit.  Miles didn't like the sounds or moving dinos.  We progressed into the exhibit about space.  He loved the space shuttle!

The lighting was really really poor, so please forgive the quality of these.

Isla joined him and enjoyed sitting in the seat as copilot.

Then we went to the play area with all the hands on things for kids.

I remember a bubble exhibit when I was a kid, but they don't have that anymore.

Again, Isla the copilot!

The wheel he's turning made a helicopter blade go around.

Then the kids made some music in the music room.  All kinds of things to bang on!

Isla always enjoys climbing and sliding.

And she's subjected to role of copilot yet again:

He's helping her put her buckle on...such a good big brother.  Someday she'll push him out of the drivers seat!

They also have some sea creatures you can touch.  Miles enojoyed it.  Isla wouln't put her hands in the water.

But, she was happy to look!

Miles loved digging these marbles with the digger.  He did really well.

Isla especially loved all the wacky mirrors.

This rope is to pull up a 250kg weight on the end of a lever.  You can slide the rope along the lever to make it easier or harder to lift.  Miles liked swinging from it :).

The kids had a lot of fun in this room with zippers, weights, textures, mirrors, etc.  It was fun to watch them explore.  Then we went back near the beginning to the bugs!

By this point, Isla was back in her stroller, so we skipped the butterfly room.  There are no strollers aloud :(.  I knew if we took her back out, that getting her back in would be torture and we'd be fighting a meltdown.

When we went back through to the start, Miles changed his mind about the dinosaurs, so we checked them out, too.

Back outside, there are some water toys, squirters, etc.  Miles enjoyed spraying things, like a good fireman!

Then Ben and Miles did the human hamster water wheel!

Watch Miles' feet in these two pictures.  First he started with his feet up high to help get it going...

Ben would get it going too fast and miles would end up on his belly!  He thought it was fun :).

We had a great day at the science center.  It was everything I imagined it would be :).  Miles kept asking if we were going to go back!

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