Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pike Place and Northward Bound

Sunday morning, we got up, ate, and packed up the car.  We had a few hours before meeting back-up with my brother, so we headed downtown around 1030.  We hadn't originally planned to hit Pike Place, but driving through Seattle the day before made me want to go down there.  Plus, we had a few hours to kill.

The weather was fairly decent.  Cloudy with patches of blue sky.  First stop was to get some coffee.  This is the first Starbucks:

Having been there a few times before, we opted to head somewhere else.  The line was very long and the store is VERY small.  Neither condusive to strollers and kids.  So we walked further down the street to Tully's.  It was pretty empty.
Miles loved these two dogs!

Then we went back down to Pike Place.  It was very difficult to keep track of a menadering 4 year old!  We got down below and found some large lillipops from a little candy shop.

Miles watched a little video at the shoe museum.  We wandered around down below and looked at a few stores.

While I was taking this picture, I let go of the stroller and Isla went rolling down part of the street.  Some guy stopped her (maybe three feet from me).  Mom fail!

We then heard from my brother that they wouldn't be able to make it to the park, so we headed north to Bellingham for the second part of our trip.  We stayed in a Comfort Inn in both cities and both times had a king mini suite, but this room took the cake!  For $99 a night, we got quite the nice little room.  You walked into the room and were greeted by the fold out couch (with plenty of room to fold it out!), a separate TV and plenty of room for the pack n play.  The bathroom, kitchenette and closet created a pretty large partition and hallway to the other part of the room.  The other part of the room housed the king bed, furniture, and a separate TV.  It was soooo much nicer to have a little space between us and the kids.  We were able to put them to bed and still keep the lights and TV on in our part of the room.  Success! 

We were early to check into our hotel, so we got some ice cream from Dairy Queen then checked in.  We got settled then headed to Auntie Annie's apartment for some dinner.  I felt it was a bit chaotic with both kids in her adorable and not-that-small-for-a-studio apartment, but I think we ha a nice dinner.

When we got back to the hotel, we were greeted with the fire alarm/smoke detector going off.  Since Miles has been alternating between Batman and a fireman, we had brought both costumes with us on our trip.  His fire hat and a fire coat happened to be in the car, so we went back to the car for him to get dressed up.  He was thrilled to "help" the firemen.

This guy stayed with the truck while the others "cleared the building", so Miles helped him hold down the fort.  The other guests loved it and he became the center of attention!  He was more than happy to drive, as well.

We were bummed to have to wait outside until I realized that an actual fire truck would have to come to deem the building safe for reentry.  The firetruck was very entertaining for our family.

After we were let back in, we got ready for a swim.  While in the pool, the smoke detector went off twice very briefly.  Miles hated it...it was very loud!  I'm guessing they were resetting it or something.  The fixed the problem.  After swimming, the kids enjoyed a bath and went to bed and Ben and I relaxed a bit.

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