Saturday, May 30, 2009

Water Baby!

Well, I'm a little behind. I will make another post with pics from Ben and my long weekend away. I have a hard time with posts and pictures because I don't know an easy way to add pics besides the button on the top of the page, that ya'll can't see, but I can while typing this. But, it changed to puting them into html format, so I can't actually see the pictures until they're posted, so it makes it hard for me to add captions. I'm gonna try! Anyone have any secrets? Let me know!

Miles and I went to a local park with our Mommy and Me group on Friday. This park has one of our city's new "splash pads", that replaced the wading pools in parks. There is actually one very near to our house, which I'm excited about for future excursions. In going to this park, I didn't think the splash pad would be open, so I went very unprepared for what we found. Water! Once Miles noticed it, he was off and running. Argyle shirt, khaki shorts and all!

Ugh! I have issues with blogger. It crashes Internet explorer on my computer. How annoying. Anyhow, I'm going to try some more.

Miles is literally dripping wet in this photo...and loving it!

He was fascinated by these buckets! He even stood directly under one while it poured out and he didn't seem to mind at all.

The splash pads have many cool "water features". Miles seemed to like them all.

Eventually, he got cold (even though it was, I'm fairly certain, in the 80s, though he was in the shade), so I took off all his clothes, put a dry diaper on him, borrowed a towel from one of the other moms to dry him off(like I said, I was totally unprepared for water adventures!), lathered his pasty white back and tummy with sunscreen (also didn't anticipate him running around the park basically naked, so only put sunscreen on his face and limbs to begin with), and let him loose! One of these pics he has a mouthful of cheese, hence the puffy cheeks. He got warm again, and headed back over to the water. To coax him to leave (after about an hour and a half), I had to bribe him with this:
A very large, very melty chocolate chip cookie that I got at the coffee shop across the street from the park! Bribing my baby with cookies...I'm a horrible mother :)

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  1. Carrie - Try reseting your internet explorer. Should be under one of the drop down menus. Blogger used to crash my browser too. The cache gets full when you load pics. I just reset the browser every time I post.

    Miles is adorable! Peter loves water parks too. Swimming and a cookie - a great summer day.