Saturday, June 13, 2009

Then on to Seattle!

After our lovely night in Cle Elum, we slept in and then got up, checked out of our hotel, then ventured onward (and upward...then back down).

We met Tim and Heidi and our adorable niece, Ethne, for lunch in Snoqualamie.
She is getting to be such a chunker! She was litteraly less than half her size last time I saw her, and about four times the size she was at birth!

Then we back tracked slightly and went to the outlet malls at North Bend.
This is the parking lot, pre shopping, and the view from the parking lot.

After a wonderful time shopping (and a lot of new summer clothes for Miles!), we headed downward to Seattle and checked into our hotel.

The hotel was out on a pier and walking distance to the aquarium, food, Pike Place Market, downtown, etc. It was a cozy, quaint hotel with a rustic atmosphere.

The veiw from our room was nice. We left the door wide open most of the time and you could hear the water.
We also enjoyed sitting on the balcony and watching the ferries pass by.

Then we went on a walk on a search for dinner.

After our late dinner at The Crab Pot, we called it a night and prepared for another full day of adventures!

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