Thursday, September 17, 2009

Digging in the water

As you know, Miles really likes to dig. Anytime we go to a park, he wants to dig-dig-dig, and "weeeeeee" (go down the slide). Miles and I recently met a moms group at the arboretum, where there are no toys. He quickly found a spot of sand, amongst the grass, to dig.

After the sand (where I was apparently sitting on an ant hill to take these pictures), he wanted to check out the worst nightmare. I was hoping he wouldn't notice the water! So, we sat at the top of a little water fall, where I held onto his belt loops and took pictures of him "digging" in the water!

Here, he is trying to figure out what on Earth I am doing, disturbing his digging...

And just for fun, his big blue eyes :)

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