Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Part I b

Here are the other block of pictures that I wanted to share that blogger wouldn't let me upload as a collage. No idea why. Here they are all separate.

Like I said, Ben got a lot of vinyl. I think he got 9 total!

Miles was the master of passing out gifts. He would bring them to me (usually) and then I'd tell him who to bring them to. Sometimes they were still intact when they reached the recipient, sometimes they were half opened! No one minded, though :)

Miles got a recycle truck from his Uncle Tyler. It was a hit! You can see Uncle Danny in the background on this one. He had ankle surgery the week before, hence the crutches and cast.

The place cleaned up pretty well. Those are only two of the four bags we brought home (plus the sled)! It was a very blessed Christmas. Stay tuned for Part II another day...I still have to edit those photos!

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