Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Part I

Wow! What a Christmas it was! Miles had a great time with Christmas this year. He certainly "gets" the whole presents thing, though had a hard time with the idea that they weren't all for him :)

We started Christmas Eve by running some errands and picking up a few last minute Christmas gifts. Then we headed home to put Miles down for a nap (good thing!). After his nap, we packed up and headed up north for a delightful Christmas Eve service at church. I'm glad we chose to go to the family centered service! I think Miles missed the whole thing and each of my parents missed half of it (they took turns walking Miles in hall, playing in the chior loft, etc).

After the short but sweet service, we headed up to my in-laws for dinner and other Christmas Eve festivities. Both of Ben's brothers were home. Miles had a great time and didn't want to go to bed, even though he was sporting some new pajamas!

He would lay down, close his eyes, then pop them back open and say "morning!". He knew there would be more presents to open in the morning. I finally got him to lay down by putting a pillow in his pack 'n play. He wasn't that happy about being in a "crib". The pillow fixed that! With bottle, a pillow, some goldfish and a couple of stories, he was out for the night (at about 10pm!).

He got up at 7am, which is pretty normal for being away from home (at home he gets up between 8 and 9). He went out to the living room and actually stayed away from the gifts for a while. He went and woke his grandparents up, then headed downstairs to get his uncles up. We let "Burndie" (aka Bernie, our dog), outside and fed him, then headed back up for the Christmas Extravaganza!

There was one more set of pictures I wanted to post, but they're not posting. Blogger is being stupid.
Our first Christmas was wonderful. Ben got a bunch of records. I got a sweater, some odds and ends, gift card for dinner, and some cash (haven't yet decided exactly what to spend it on!). Miles got a wonderful new sled (though we don't have any snow yet). We hope to be using that soon! He loves it even without the snow :). He also got some clothes, cars, and a Mickey doll.
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa M, Uncle Tyler and Uncle Danny!

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