Monday, December 21, 2009

November in Review

Wow! Apparently I took a little break from the blogging world (not reading, just the writing part!). I need to do some serious catch-up.

So, here is a start.

After Halloween, Miles and I took a trip to Mobius, our local kids "science museum". I think I've blogged about it before. Here are some pictures from our time there.

The boat table is Miles' favorite.

He also enjoys...





Drumming...and dressing up!

On November 12, we celebrated Ben's 26th Birthday. Miles wanted to open all Ben's gifts!

His main gift was a turn table. He has begun collecting vinyl!

Then, we hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Please forgive me, none of these photos are edited (same for some of the above photos)!

Both my parents, as well as Ben's parents and brother came to our house for a feast. It was a great success (I think!). Way less stressful for me than going to both houses for a meal, then to work that night. Maybe we'll make this a tradition?
We've also been up to some fun things in December. Stay tuned!

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