Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas #1

Like I said in the previous post, Christmas came to our house yesterday. Since we headed up to both mine and Ben's parents for Christmas Eve and Christmas day festivities, Santa visited our house a day early. He's got to show up early at some people's houses...he can't possibly make it to all of them in ONE night....right?!?! Right!

Miles was very excited to find that the stockings were full. He dug right in!

He also helped Isla open her stocking stuffers.

Miles got the long awaited "inspension bridge" for his train set. He had to try it out right away, of course. Baby Isla got a new outfit (that doesn't fit quite yet), a rattle (of which she ended Christmas day with 3 of the same...they must only make one pink rattle!), and some chain links.

Miles' most prized gift from us was his last minute, $10, fire station. You see, the day before Christmas Eve, Miles sprung one on us. He suddenly started saying that he wanted a fire station with a bell from Santa. When we went to visit Santa the next day, this is precisely what he asked for. So, after we saw Santa, Ben took Miles to play in the play area at the mall and I took a quick, covert trip to the Toys 'R us store (they put a small Toys R Us in each of the malls, which was sure handy!). I made a quick trip (don't even think Miles knew I was gone) and scored a fire station WITH a bell AND a light. Needless to say, he was pretty excited about it.
Also, not pictured, he got a cool (in my opinion) dinosaur sweatshirt and matching socks :)

All in all, we had a great Christmas morning at our house! Miles thoroughly enjoyed it.
And, in case you noticed or were wondering, we did not have a tree this year...I know. Totally un-American...oh well. Next year, we're going the all-American route and cutting down our own tree again :)

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