Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Real Live Fire Station

Growing up, Ben has fond memories of visiting a fire station every year around Christmas and taking toys for Toys for Tots and taking a tour of the station. He wanted to start this tradition with Miles, especially since Miles dresses like a fireman every.single.day.

Miles is seriously obsessed with anything having to do with fire stations, firemen, etc. Our house has become known as The Fire Station, Ben's Highlander is The Fire Truck, my Saturn is The Ambulance, and everything he does is "like a fireman" (getting dressed, cooking, brushing teeth, etc). He is now the proud owner of two small fire trucks, an ambulance, and a ride on fire truck (thank you Aunt Christine, Uncle Cameron, and Cousins Peter and Moira!). Just about anything can be turned into a fire hose, fireman belt, etc. He wears his fire coat, fire hat, and fire boots every day...not kidding!

So, a few weeks ago, we invited Grandma Sara and Uncle Tyler to come along and head to the fire station with some toys for Toys for Tots. Miles was so excited when we showed up at the fire station.

Ben rang the door bell, and Fireman Dan let us in. He gave Miles a couple of Jr. Fireman badges, coloring book, and some stickers, then took us for a tour and to see the trucks.

Miles was completely mesmerized. For a while, all he would say was "yeah" over and over. Eventually he warmed up to Fireman Dan and started talking non-stop!

He got to sit in the trucks, pretend to drive, look at the hoses, see the ladder truck, peek at the huge axes, and ask where the non-existent fire pole was. Miles advised Fireman Dan that they should really get a fire pole :)

He told Fireman Dan how everything works (ie. the axes are for breaking windows and doors to get into burning buildings).

He told Fireman Dan about everything he has learned from watching a Barney visits the fire station movie we have. He was taking a mile a minute, which made it hard for Fireman Dan to understand what he was saying!

Miles also jumped around on different subjects, further confusing poor Fireman Dan :)

Miles had a great time visiting the station. He loves telling anyone and everyone about his visit to the "real live fire station" if you dare to ask! Needless to say, I think we'll make it a semi-regular outing. Fireman Dan said to come back any time!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Too TOO cute! We go to the firestation not infrequently as well. I've learned that all firefighters love little kids and love to give station tours (As long as they're not busy). You just have to knock and ask! Glad Miles enjoyed it so much. Peter usually goes silent and refuses to touch anything. Then again, he's a train boy.