Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Craft

Miles has been very interested in crafts lately. He loves to color, cut, glue, etc. Sometimes I muster the energy to put together a craft project for him, especially since he's not in preschool, so doesn't get any formal crafts elsewhere. I thought the grandparents might enjoy a handmade gift from Miles as much as he enjoyed making one. So after a little googling for ideas, I embarked on our Christmas craft with Miles.

He has recently become very serious about coloring. He actually tries to stay in the lines! First we started with collecting soup cans for a week or so, washed them all in the dishwasher, and cut strips of construction paper that would fir the cans.

Miles always enjoys adding his hand print to things, so we 'stamped" his hand print on each piece of paper using white paint. After it dried, I put faces and buttons on each of his fingers (except the thumb, which would have made for a laying-down snowman). Miles was responsible for coloring scarves, hats, and arms on each of the "snowmen" and coloring anything else he wanted.

Here, he is very diligently coloring scarves on the snowmen.

He was pretty excited about it! I was so proud at the attention to detail he put in. I have NEVER seen him color like this before! Usually it is just scribbles and he'll say "Look, I colored an elephant (or some other animal or inanimate object)". You could actually tell what he was trying to make!

This hand got a scarf across the palm and on each snowman :)

The finished product...a pencil holder!

And, one for each Grandparent...

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  1. Very, very cute! I'm having to start in o these as well. Moira loves to color, but she has taken to eating the crayons and markers. Not a great phase. Peter enjoys crafts, but has a problem with coloring books. Through absolutely no admonishment from me, he thinks that the pictures need to be colored perfectly and inside the lines and since he can't do it, he just insists that I color. So we have to do more free form things.

    Next up? Thank you cards for Christmas presents - before the birthday deluge hits!