Monday, January 24, 2011

3 Months Old!!!

My baby girl is three months old! She celebrated her 3month birthday last Friday with a little photo shoot, sporting some wild animals on her onsie, pink and grey argyle "baby legs", and a 3months Picky Sticky. She was a good sport. I have no idea how much she weighs right now (probably around 12.5-13lbs?). Her 0-3mos cloths fit in width, but no longer in length (besides a few pair of pants). 0-3 month rompers are out of the question, which makes me a bit sad since there are a few she only wore once or twice :(. However, she has a whole wardrobe of 3-6month clothes that are very cute (thanks Cousin Moira!!!)...though a lot of them are still too wide.

She is doing ok with tummy time and pushing herself up, but we're bad at remembering to put her on her tummy every day, so she is not yet rolling over either direction. She smiles all the time, loves to talk, and really wants to laugh! She'll make a bunch of noises that kind of sound like laughing when she thinks something is really fun, but it's not quite a giggle yet. She is so, so close.

She has established a pretty good routine, up around 7-8 to eat, eat and nap around 10-12 then eat again, awake and play from 12-1:30ish then eat and nap till 3:30 or 4:30, up to eat and play till about 6, then continue the cycle one more time and to bed around 8, up at 10 and 12 to eat, them sleeps till 7 or 8! Yes, she sleeps through the night and has for over a month now...I'm a lucky Mama! Miles was a horrible sleeper :).

Her only downside at the moment, is hating when I'm gone...which is a problem for Daddy when I'm at work, though she's getting better. She used to scream for hours, but now just fusses a lot. She is taking a bottle like a champ, at least she's eating! She does sleep through the night for Daddy, which is a plus.

Here are some pictures of my sweet, 3 month old baby girl!

And for a fun comparison, Miles at 3 months:

His eyes are a lot lighter/brighter blue than hers currently are. Hers are a pretty deep blue.

And there you have it...another month gone by...tear.


  1. She is too too too cute! And getting her own look as well. What color is that hair of hers? She's adorable. We miss her.

  2. Um, I'm not sure what color her hair is! It's brown with a reddish tint? Depends on lighting, when it was last washed, what she's wearing, etc. Some days it looks pretty dark, others it looks lighter and redder! Go figure. I'm excited to see what color it is going to be when it grows in some more. She still has the blond streak in the back, though part of it is missing from rubbing her head back and forth :). We miss you guys too. We're hoping to head over late spring, after Heidi has the baby, so hopefully late May.

  3. Is heidi due in may? I thought she was due in June. Or are you prepping for an early delivery?

  4. First week of June, I think. Guessing/hoping last week or so of May.