Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Taking another break from Christmas posts (I think I have 2 left!), we went bowling this bowling with some friends.  It was fun watching a bunch (6) 3-4 year olds bowl....though it takes forever!  We all played on one lane, which made for a very good exercise in taking turns as well as a really long game because the balls roll about 4mph x2 per frame per kid x6 kids, x10 frames!  It took about 1.5hours for the whole game.  Miles really enjoyed it.

Here he is all ready to go, anticipating his turn.  He was kind of funny in the bowling shoes.  He walked like a duck.  I'm guessing it had something to do with how flat and firm the soles are, as well as how slippery they are on the floor.  He went up to bowl his first frame without any instruction from me, stepped into the actual lane, and slipped on their nice waxy floor!  Whoops!  Mommy fail.  I should have told him not to cross the line...
 He lugged this ball around the entire time!
 I found the best way for him to bowl was to put the ball down and roll it...it worked well.



He celebrated like this, each and every frame!  He would get disappointed when he didn't hit any pins, and say, "Oooh, I missed".  Then the machine would knock down the remaining pins to sweep them up and set new pins, and he thought he somehow made this happen and it counted as knocking all the pins over :)  So, he won every time!  Isn't that what life is about when you're three?  I'm sure we'll go bowling again, but next time with fewer people, or more lanes!

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