Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby in a basket

One sunny day a few weeks ago, I did a fun little 4ish month photo shoot with Miss Isla.  I did a similar shoot around this age with Miles, so I thought I'd do the same with Isla.  Warning...naked baby pics below!

At first she was pretty cooperative and taking it like a champ.
Sit in a basket on a dresser?  No problem!

Sit in another basket on a dresser?  Again, no  problem!

She even thought it was maybe a little fun... 

But only for a few minutes! 


Then  we moved on to no baskets at all, which she enjoyed a little more :).

Here are a few from the similar shoot with Miles around 4 months, though he got to sit in a bin, not a basket (and looks a little worried about it!).

Miles was a feet baby.  Isla is a hand baby.
They do kinda look alike, don't they?

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