Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A couple months ago, we busted out the good 'ole jumperoo!  While we vowed not to get one of these for Miles, we caved when he was  6 months old.   We caved mainly because I couldn't get through a shower without having  to get out and walk my dripping wet, soapy self into the hall to right my six  month old son in his  bouncy chair.  You see, he would try to sit up in his the chair and end up toppled over with his  head on the ground, unable to get himself  back up.  He would lay there and say "Eh, eh, eh" until I would peek out of the shower, see him on his head, and get out and fix it.   After a few showers interrupted several times by this, we decided we needed a new stationary "storage" place (for lack of a better term) for our baby when not completely supervised.  We went with the jumperoo, and he loved it! 

Isla has had great head and neck control from early on.  I didn't really like having  her on the floor all the time because of a certain 3 year old running around, so we decided to get the jumperoo out a little early for Isla.

This is her first adventure, just after 3 months:

By 4 months, she was enjoying herself thoroughly, turning in circles, jumping, playing with the toys, and reaching the floor.

Now it is one of her favorite pastimes!  She thinks it is a hoot :)

Taken today, at 5 months!

And just for fun, here is Miles at 6 months in the jumperoo.

If you're wondering why I'm adding Miles as a baby to so many of these posts, it's  because I didn't start the blog until Miles was about 18months old.  So, I'm missing a lot of him  as a baby.  I'm still in progress on his first year scrapbook, and will hopefully start Isla's first year scrapbook soon.  However, I've  decided I can't fit it all in a scrapbook!  Imagine that!  So I've decided to work on turning each year of  my blog (almost 2 full years now!) into a blog book using some software I downloaded from the Internet.  So, I'm hoping to have the books of my blog be all inclusive for our lives.  This will require some "flashback" posts in the future to times of  our wedding, honeymoon, etc.  I hope you enjoy!

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