Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Visit from Grandma!

Time is flying way too fast and I am way behind on my blog!  Forgive me, please :).
A few weeks ago, Grandma Mo, otherwise known as 'nother Grandma, paid us a visit.  She was going to be in the neighborhood for a meeting and stopped by afterward for some playtime.  She brought Happy Donald's with her! 

I tried to snap a few photos to document her visit :)

Here, Isla is showing you one of her favorite things to do...chew.  She'll chew on just about anything she can get into her mouth!

This  is the best I could get of all three lookign at the camera.  Miles, however is drinking  his chocolate shake that Grandma brought :)

Miles played with his trains, read some stories, and made us coffee.

Just like his cousin Peter, loves playing barista!

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